Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thanksgiving trip - California

We left Sunday morning, November 11th for our 2 week California/Utah trip over Thanksgiving break.  The drive to San Clemente was a little over 6 hours and the kids did great!  We stayed at the Mortensen family condo, which is right on the beach, with John's brother Joe, his wife Lisa, and 3 of their kids. 

Monday I went for a run (I love running on the beach trail there), then took the kids down to the pier and walked around for awhile.  Brooklyn is really into the Little Mermaid right now and would look out into the water and ask "Ariel is??" 

twins! - people have already asked me if they are twins...umm no, look again.  But one day I'm sure you won't be able to tell there is difference in age.

on the condo balcony - it is so pretty here, I love it.

Pictures on the pier...
it was surprisingly chilly for us hot blooded Arizona folk!

This isn't the best picture, but it shows the condo - the white building to the side of Brooklyn with the red roof.

We also went to the park which is right by the condo.  It was so nice all week to not be rushed to go or do anything, and to have John with us wherever we went.

swings right on the beach

That night we did hotdogs and s'mores on the beach.  John's sister Shari and her family joined us and it was so fun to see them again and spend time together.  The beach was dark (this was right after daylight savings) and hard to see what we were doing at times, but we still had fun.

I love these 2 pictures.  This is Brooklyn's cousin Drew (Shari's son).  He was the cutest with Brooklyn and kept asking her if she wanted a hug...which you can tell by the pictures she was more than happy to give him one.  I think you can definitely tell they are cousins.

cute Sadie

This was the only day I took pictures.  But we also went to the Spectrum with everyone and rode the faris wheel, Shari watched the kids so John and I could see the new 007 Skyfall (which we both loved), got surfin' donuts (more than once), played at the beach, and had ourselves a great time :)


  1. You guys are always doing such fun stuff!! I wish we lived closer so we could do fun things together!! And hello! A swing set ON the beach?! That's awesome!

  2. I love the beach!! Sounds like you had a great time - love all the pictures. 007 is good huh?! Glad you were able to go on a date. I can't believe how old Jake is getting. They really will look the same age one day. I bet it was nice to have John around to.

  3. That place looks amazing! Um...why are people saying they are twins? I mean, yes, they look alike, but um, one's a baby, and one is nearly 2.

  4. it was so good to see your family! i absolutely love those pics of drew and brooklyn hugging. how freaking adorable! thank you for capturing a sweet cousin moment! and come visit again soon -- i will gladly babysit for you anytime!!!