Sunday, November 4, 2012

Utah Trip - part 2

Jeannette had a birthday dinner for the October birthdays on Sunday night (Lucy, Annie, Jessie, Jack, Jeannette, and Emily).  We put the little kids in their Halloween costumes after and took a few pictures.  These were some of the best we could get...


 Sophia and Hailey - aren't they the cutest little elephants?!

Brooklyn and Jake were Pebbles and Bam Bam (more on that to come).  This is part of Jake's costume...he is missing his shoulder strap and club.  My aunt Becky is holding him in this picture and she calls him "lunchbox".  She told me she feels like she needs to call him up some days and ask if he wants to go to lunch....ha ha...I think it is hilarious!

Meg, Lucy, and Nora came out one day to play...the girls had fun jumping on the trampoline and playing outside.

Meg and Jake

We went swimming another day at the rec center.  It was fun and hard all at the same time.  Hard because there weren't enough adults per little kid that can't swim.  And Brooklyn is nuts in the pool.  She has no fear of drowning....the water started off shallow and got deeper and deeper.  She would laugh and smile as she walked farther and farther in to it...and was still smiling when she'd start to go under.  I love that she loves to swim, but don't like how fearless/clueless she is too :)  The pool had a slide and I told Jon Bowen to take Brooklyn down and go as fast as he was a good time!

We were able to visit my Grandma Clyde in her care facility one afternoon with Jeannette and most of her girls and Uncle Pete.   It was so nice to see and visit with her, even though she didn't know who we were and couldn't follow some of the conversation.  She is the only grandparent I have ever known and I love this little lady so much! 


  1. Love all of the cute pictures and seeing all of the kids! Looks and sounds really fun. All of the Halloween costumes are adorable- love pebs and bam.

  2. Those costumes are awesome!!! Can't wait to see more details! Jake is such a tank, so cute and such a good boy!

  3. since I didnt see you when you were here, lets play when you come back!! text me!! Your kids are growing so fast!! they are adorable!!