Monday, November 26, 2012

zoo trip with friends

To start off John's 2-week break from school, and before we left on our trip, we went to the zoo with friends.  We have a zoo pass and I'm so excited to start going more often.

We met Nate and Kayla at the zoo Saturday morning when it opened.  They have the cutest little girl named Lexi, who is 5 months younger than Brooklyn.  Kayla and I do a lot together during the week with a few other moms.  It was fun to have husbands/daddys along this time to join us!

The weather was great (finally!) and we took our time walking all around the zoo.  We pretty much saw it all - elephants, giraffes, lions, zebras, rhinos, monkeys, get the idea. 

Brooklyn was terrified of these statues of animals (she thought they were real).  You can see the fear in her face and she had a death grip on John. 

cute little Lexi

We went to the petting zoo and let the girls see and touch the goats.  Brooklyn wasn't so sure about them and kept her distance at first, but eventually warmed up.  Lexi LOVED them and was crackin' us up - she not only was petting them, but laying on them and giving them hugs too. 

Nate and Jake

We also rode the carousel and Brooklyn wasn't afraid of it this time.  She knew right what to do and picked a rhino to ride on.

And at the end of the day Jake had a HUGE blowout - he has them daily - but this one was massive and was everywhere.  We stripped him down and cleaned him up and he was a good sport about wearing just a jacket the rest of the day because I forgot a change of clothes.


  1. maybe you should try a different type of diaper? i'm sure you've tried, nevermind, i'll shut up! he's one adorable little pooper!!! xoox

  2. I like the PHX zoo. Looks like you had a nice time. That is fun that B has that little girl close to her age to play with. They are cute together. I'm laughing at his blow out. I think some kids do it and some kids don't. Charli def went through a stage of doing it.

  3. Looked like so much fun! Sorry we were lazy and slept in instead of going to the zoo! I want to go see the christmas lights! Thats hilarious that Brooklyn is was so scared of the statues! She is so cute. SOrry jake had a blow out! They always manage to do it on the days where it is completely inconvenient! kids?!

  4. Fun! I can't wait to take Ray to the zoo next year.
    The weather looks so good in AZ! I'm jealous.
    Blowouts are the WORST! Especially away from home.

  5. Love the zoo. Are you guys going to go to Zoo Lights? Brooklyn's facial expressions are so funny and cute.