Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Utah Trip - part 3

 Misty and Sophia met us at City Creek mall one morning.  We let the kids play in the kid area and then Jeannette treated us all to lunch in the food court.  It was fun to sit and chat and watch the kids play.

 Hailey is so cute, sweet, and petite.  She and I became good little friends on our trip...I loved it.


Another day we met Misty and Sophia, Meg and Lucy and Nora, and Annie Cowden at Gardner Village to see the witches.  It was really crowded, but we had a great time walking around and finding the witches, buying a few things at the quilt store, and hitting up the candy store.

 I love Annie.  She is the best with all the little kids..she loves them and they all love her.

 Hailey and Brooklyn didn't get the memo that you through the bread to the ducks...

 all of us

 Brooklyn has a question :)

Jeannette and Jon left on Sunday for Park City.  The kids didn't have school on Monday (still UEA) so we met Misty and Sophia at a pumpkin patch.  It was a small one, but had some fun things like a bounce house, slide, and maze that the kids all got to do.  

 I love this picture - they look so much alike!

I didn't take any other pictures while Jon and Jeannette were gone...not much time to do that when I was responsible for 8 kids! :)  All the kids were GREAT...honestly..it couldn't have gone better.  I was exhausted at the end of each day...but didn't have one complaint.  Hannah and I shared a bed the few nights they were away and one time in the middle of the night she woke me up to tell me that Jake was having bad dreams...ha ha...I love that crazy girl.

I didn't take many more pictures the rest of the trip.  Here are a few from the ward trunk or treat...
Brooklyn is terrified of this guy dressed up as a.....tree??  Not really sure what he was.

getting her face painted

The Bowen's have this mask that is actually really scary.  One morning Jack put it on and I told him to scare Brooklyn when she woke up....HA HA!!  I know, I'm mean!  But her reaction was SO funny...a combination of screaming and shaking and laughing all at the same time.  

And this is us at Jack's birthday party.  It was at a trampoline place and Brooklyn loved it.  She could jump for hours.

Oh, it was a fun trip!  I'm sad that it came and went so fast!!  Luckily we are going home for Thanksgiving (and Christmas) and will get to see everyone again.  AND this time John will get to join in on the fun.


  1. It all looks so fun Beck! Loved all the cute pictures and seeing how big all of the kids are. So excited to see everyone at Christmas! Miss you guys!

  2. What a fun, amazing, wonderful trip! Thank you SO, SO much again for coming to watch the kids and hang out with us. We loved every day of it and can't wait to make it a tradition (does John know that? :). Your kids are darling and I love how Hailey thinks of you as her 2nd mom. You are amazing to have all 8 kids and take such good care of them! Thank you a million times over!!! You're the best!!

  3. Wow, you packed in a ton of fun activities. J has that same football outfit as Jake. So cute!

  4. Looks like such a fun time, I'm jealous you got to go for so long. THe kids are all so cute! Love Brooklyn's expressions in every picture. And Jake...he is just so cute.