Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Thanksgiving trip - Utah

 We left California Thursday morning and drove to St. George.  The kids did great in the car again (about a 5 1/2 hour trip) and were excited to see Grandpa Marc and Grandma Betty.

Brooklyn loves both her 'papas'.  She is always asking, "where Papa?"

We spent our day and a half there relaxing, eating yummy food, going on walks, going to the park, playing games, enjoying the hot tub, and even some shopping alone (just John and I) while Grandma Betty watched the kids.  

Brooklyn is not a fan of floating on her back

Saturday morning we drove the rest of the way to Salt Lake.  We stayed at my parents house, which is vacant but still has all their furniture and things, and it was SO nice to have cable again and a big screen TV!  We definitely took advantage of it while we were there ;)
all ready for church

I think Brooklyn remembered we used to live there...she was so happy to explore and swing in the swing outside. 

Thanksgiving morning we did the Turkey Trot with Rich, Misty, and Sophia.  Rich and I ran it together (he was really nice and slowed waaaaaay down) and met John and the kids and Misty and Sophia at the finish line.

Misty made Sophia the cutest Thanksgiving hat!

After the race we showered, got ready, and headed to the Cowden's for our Thanksgiving dinner.  All my siblings were there, along with Uncle Bruce and Aunt Claudia, Meg and her girls, Aaron, Matt, and Uncle Richard.  The food was all so good and fun to spend the rest of the day with these people.

I love this picture of Becky and Jake :)

That night we headed over to the Bowen's for more food, games, and Christmas pajamas (from Grandma Sorenson).

Brooklyn hugging her new Christmas pajamas

Jake and Jack's were matching

Jake is the same size (well bigger actually) than 18-month old cousin Hailey :)

We left Saturday morning for St George, stayed at Marc and Betty's, and drove the rest of the way home on Sunday...and that finishes up our trip!  We are excited to go back for a quick trip this weekend for Sonya's wedding and then again for 2 weeks at Christmas!


  1. Fun! Miss you guys! Jake is a TANK! atta boy!!

  2. Becky your kids are SO DANG CUTE and so big. I can't believe how grown up Jake looks now. I loved the pictures at the park and of their cute jams! SO FUN....so glad you go to come home for Thanksgiving!!!

  3. You guys are seriously always doing such fun things! I'm jealous of all you're Utah trips! Love those kiddos of yours!