Thursday, December 6, 2012

Jake - 6 months old

Half a year old already.  CanNOT believe it.

Jake is the best.  I wish I could bottle him up at this age forever.  He is the happiest, smiliest (is that even a word?), most content little big guy.  I know he won't always be this easy...especially as he gets more mobile, but I would have 10 more kids if they were all like Jake.  He didn't even cry when he got his shots - only looked at the nurse who poked him with a puzzled look which turned into a grin (he probably couldn't even feel them though through those thunder thighs of his :))
Stats:  Weight - 22 lbs 10 oz (97% - I was shocked he wasn't off the charts)
           Height - I can't remember how many inches, but he is 37%
 6 things about Jake:
  • like I've already mentioned he is HAPPY.  almost all the time.  he cries if he is hungry or tired, but other than that just happy to be alive.  
  • naps and sleeps like a CHAMP.  he usually takes 3 naps a day (morning, afternoon, early evening).  I lay him down with his blanket and binkie and that's it.  easy.  the only time this is a problem is at church because he won't fall asleep in my arms.  so instead I lay him down on the hard ground and he either falls asleep or just looks around.
  • he is a BIG boy!  he has some pretty sweet nicknames too because of his size :) - Jake the tank, Mort (Uncle Mike), lunchbox (Becky Cowden), just to name a few.  I love my chunky guy!  he is sort of like my stress ball - so much of him to squeeze and makes me so happy.
  • because he is so big, you can only imagine what a GOOD EATER he is!  he eats 5 times a day, which takes about 15 minutes each time.  I love my alone time with him.  he is at the point now that I have to be in a quiet place alone with him or he gets distracted and won't eat.  he still pauses throughout the time he's eating to look up at me with a big gummy grin.  then gets right back to his milk.  I just started rice cereal and he had no problem with it.  I'm thinking I will start veggies soon.
  • ADORES his big sister.  I don't know how long this will last and how much longer he'll put up with her walking away with his toys or occasionally sitting on him, but for now he loves watching her and automatically gives her a smile if she even stops for one second to glance his way.  I hope they are always good friends.  I know they won't always get along, especially being so close in age, but I hope they have a close relationship.    
  • he has me completely wrapped around his finger.  I LOVE this boy.  so much.  there is something about having a son (and same for John with having a daughter) that is so special.  I am so grateful to be his mom.     


  1. I cannot believe he is 6 months already. Time flies so fast when you don't see people. He is such a cute little chunk. I think chunky babies are the happiest kind of babies - so content. He sounds like such a gem... he has always been a good baby. Can't wait to see him during Christmas! Such a cutie-pie!

  2. He is the best!! What a sweet, happy little boy! Sooooo much like dad!

  3. 6 months! How can that be? He is the cutest. Love how happy he is. Hoping we see you at Christmastime.

  4. He is such a little gem. I hope my son is as good as him. I love his face! I'm surprised he's not off the charts too!!

  5. I love him! So cute! He is a great little guy.

  6. Becky he is SOOOO cute and so squishy. He sounds SO MUCH like Kolton. I can't get enough of him and he's THE BEST BABY....
    Jake has beautiful eyes, and ooh the chub. LOVE IT!

  7. There is NO way that boy is 6 months old already!! He is such a cute boy!!