Thursday, December 27, 2012

random December pictures

Brooklyn loves edamame.  Loves it.  And my favorite part is how she says it...sounds more like "ello Mommy" :)


We've pulled out the jumper...and Jake loves it.  He looks so cute in it, even if it is pink.

One of Brooklyn's favorite things to do is climb in the crib when Jake wakes up from his nap.  She throws a few books in first, then hops in and reads him a few.  

 Jake likes it too.

Jake is eating more baby food.  I've stopped giving it to him this last week though because he got a yeast infection and it wasn't clearing up.  But I will start up with it again soon.

This is Brooklyn at the same age as Jake.  You can definitely tell they are siblings!

I heard Brooklyn talking in her room the other day and went to see what she was up to and found this...reading to her baby.  She has never been that in to her doll yet, until recently.  She looks so cute and grown up in these pictures.


  1. She is getting so big and cute! I like how she wanted to climb in the crib at our house, lol. Jake is so cute! They look so much alike these days.

  2. I remember when you were so excited and showed me that pink jumper even before Brooklyn came along and now that handsome boy gets to ride it!! Crazy!! I love that Brooklyn is such a cute big sister! Such cute babies!!!

  3. I've always thought that they look a lot alike, but I think they look a ton alike in these pics! Love it!!! It won't be long until he's bigger than her. SUCH cute kiddos. Hope you had a great Christmas!:)

  4. Brooklyn seriouly cracks me up! She is so funny! I loved seeing how much they looked alike when she was his age. Cute kids.

  5. I love that she climbs in his crib to read stories - that is such a sweet memory captured! Jake is getting so big! I know it's only been a few weeks, but I see a difference! xoxo

  6. That is so cute that she climbs up and reads to him in his crib! I bet it is so fun as Jake gets older to watch them become good friends!!! Brooklyn is hilarious! I love listening and talking to her!