Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Sonya and Solomon's wedding

Two weekends ago, John's sister Sonya got married!  We flew to Utah Friday night and left Sunday was a quick trip.  We are so happy for her and Solomon -- they are perfect for each other.  They got married in the Salt Lake temple on Saturday afternoon.  It was a wonderful ceremony and we are so grateful we were able to witness it.

It was freezing that day (well especially cold because we are used to Arizona weather now) and even snowed some.  I wish I had taken more pictures.  Actually I wish my camera hadn't died at the temple, after only taking 6 shots.  (I left my charger at home too)

some of the nieces and nephews waiting for them to come out

the happy couple!

After pictures at the temple we headed to the reception.  Everything looked so pretty and they had tons of amazing Polynesian food, including a pig.  We definitely ate until we were stuffed!  I love weddings -- it was so fun to visit all night with family, dance with family (Brooklyn loved it and was out there shakin' it :)), and to spend Sonya and Solomon's special day with them.   

My sis-in-law Shari was their photographer (she is AWESOME), so I stole a couple of her pictures off Facebook.


  1. Thanks Becky, love the photos you took!

  2. That is nice that you were able to go home and be there for their special day. It looks really cold. I like her dress a lot! Weddings are the best.