Tuesday, May 26, 2015

second half of April

Zoo with friends - trying to use our pass as much as we can before it's in the 100's.

Rose and Remmy - these two are 6 wks apart.  Both so darling I think!

team huddle at soccer - Brooklyn

My old college coach sent Brooklyn and Jake these shirts and bags.  So nice!

Jake getting a haircut from John.  He does really well and sits still the whole time.  

park time - love this smile!

Brooklyn and Madison

Bike rides to feed the ducks.  This night we went there were TONS of turtles too.  They were trying to eat the bread, but the ducks were too fast and they hardly got any.

Group picture at the baby shower I threw for my friend Kali who was in town from Boston.

End of soccer picture - Brooklyn was one of a couple girls and I was so proud at how aggressive she was with all the boys.

My cousin Meg and her girls came to visit us!  That is a nice cousin!  I didn't take near enough pictures, but some of the things we did were swim/BBQ with friends, church on Sunday, splash pad, swimming again, the park, and Rita's.  And of course the kids played, played, played at home which was so fun to see.  

Lucy and Brooklyn at the splash pad

Nora and Jake

Remmy and Meg



  1. Another great post! Your kids are darling! I love Brooklyn's pose when she has the northern shirts on. So cute!

  2. Wish we could have seen Meg! I still need to try Rita's, we have one 'out here' too. The bball shirts are so cute!

  3. How fun! Meg's kids are so cute. I bet you loved spending time together. So glad Brooklyn is in soccer! So good for girls to play with boys :). Her pose in that BBall shirt ha ha!