Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Mike and Mandy's visit/Easter/Conference weekend

Some friends and I went to the women's meeting the Saturday before General Conference.

Kandas, me, Alison, Sarah, Mandy, and Allie - love all these girls a lot.

...couldn't call it a night without dinner at Cafe Rio first.

cute thing

I had the kids wear their Easter outfits the Sunday before since it was Conference on Easter.  I thought they all looked SO CUTE (a little biased). 

Oh I love them!  Jake - 2 1/2, Remmy 10 months, Brooklyn 4

sleeping boys

I love where we live because they are so many kid/family activities always going on, especially around the holidays, for us to do.  Our ward play group for Easter always does an egg hunt for the kids.   Every kid was allowed to find 10 eggs (so there would be enough for everyone).  After the kids got their eggs we sat on the grass and opened them, ate them, and played on the play ground. 

getting instructions and waiting patiently

I love matching them every so often, especially in pj's. 

We had a special FHE the Monday before Easter.  The kids had fun finding all the eggs and then opening them.  Each had something small inside that symbolized the Easter story and the scripture that went with it.

Mike, Mandy, Zoey, and Alyssa came to visit!  It was so fun having them and showing them what our life in AZ is like.  Brooklyn was in heaven with the girls and they were so sweet with her.

My friend Kandas put together a lunch Easter egg hunt.  Everyone that had a kid participating was assigned to bring a certain amount of one thing.  For example I brought 14 pb&j sandwiches in little eggs, one for each kid.  Other moms brought string cheese, carrots, grapes, fish crackers, oreo cookies, etc.  After the kids found all their eggs they got to eat their lunch.  Such a cute idea!

Zoey and Alyssa helped my kids find their eggs.

not everyone, but most of the kids who participated.

Easter egg dying

Group picture (except Remmy who was already asleep) the night before they left.  They left early the next morning so Mike could make it back in time for the Priesthood session.

Easter activities at Midwestern (Halloween and Easter are my favorite holidays they do)

Jake and Brooklyn had Easter egg hunts in their age division.  They scored this year - I think they actually get the concept now...not pick up one egg, open it, and eat what's inside.  Instead get as many as you can and THEN open them :)

Easter morning -  the kids had fun finding their Easter baskets and playing with what they got.  I did minimal candy this year because they already had gotten a ton throughout the week.

happy girl

family selfie


  1. Oh, I love this family! Holidays are the best! You are such a fun mom!

  2. Fun, fun stuff. I remember Easter being really hot this year! Luckily to have a nice group of people to always have on holidays.

  3. Such cute Easter clothes! So fun to have cousins and family down. Your kids have tons of friends! I bet they are in heaven. You guys are going to miss AZ so much. It is so hard to leave when you are established.