Friday, May 29, 2015


Just clearing my phone and need to put these pictures on here..
Brooklyn finished another dance session.  They do a little recital at the stake center when it's over...this time it was 80's themed.  She did a small group dance with just her group (3-4 yr olds) and then a group dance with everyone together.  I love how focused she is when she's performing.  She is pretty coordinated and also a teacher's pet.  This is the case in preschool, primary, gymnastics, and dance...she is always trying to please her teachers.

She took dance with 3 of her best friends (Lexi is not pictured). Gretta, Brooklyn, and Reese.

I look a little scary with no makeup..

Brooklyn and one of her and my best friends - Alison.  So nice of her to come to her recital!

I love that these two are little fish.  We don't do floaties anymore when we go to the pool, but their swimming teacher told me these tubes were okay.  Every time we go I make them have "practice" time where we work on floating, breathing, etc.  I hope by the end of the summer they are doing everything completely on their own...we'll see!

after FHE trip to Rita's in pajamas.

My friends and I took our oldest kids to Color Me Mine.  One of our good friends is moving, Kandas and her little boy Parker, so it was one last thing for all these little friends to do together. John took Jake (and Remmy) bowling for a free school activity they had while we were gone.

I love this group! 

Brooklyn picked an ice cream cone piggy bank and really concentrated on painting it.  It turned out cute and she is big into earning money now to put in it.

Lexi, Brooklyn, Reese, Parker, and Jackson.  There 5 were all 18 months-2 when we moved down here.  Crazy that they will be starting Kindergarten next year when we are all moving! 

Zoo day with Reese

Diamondbacks game - I bought tickets for a firework game and left Remmy with a babysitter.  We stayed the whole game (it ended up being pretty long) because of the fireworks, but 10 min after the game ended the announce came on saying they were cancelled because of the "wind".  Lame!  We were disappointed, for sure!  The weather seemed totally fine and we would have left earlier if we would have known they would be cancelled.  Oh well!  We still had lots of fun and the kids were really good.

Alison, Tayvri, and Tal came with us.

Jake was laughing so hard at these pictures after we took them.

Mother's Day - church, naps, homemade cafe rio salads for dinner at the park with friends.  It was a good day!

So thankful for these 3.


  1. Looks like you are doing lots of fun stuff! Little Becky in her dance outfit is the cutest! That is amazing your kids are such great swimmers so young. I need that teacher for my boys!

  2. I'm enraged about the fireworks!! Brooklyn is the cutest, best dancer and loves it! Love the selfies of you and Jake, haha.

  3. I love Brooklyn's dance outfit. She is adorable in it. I am so impressed with their swimming. I think it is awesome they are done with floaties! Hoping the same for Charli by the end of the summer :) That would make me so mad about the fireworks! MLB games are so fun to go to though. Cute cute pics.