Monday, October 20, 2014

Utah trip for Mike and Mandy's wedding

The kids and I flew to Utah for a week in September for Mike and Mandy's wedding.  John wasn't able to come because he was in the clinic and seeing patients.  I was anxious to get the flight alone with 3 over with!  I think I prefer to drive when we go to Utah because it doesn't matter how loud the kids are and I'm not trying to constantly keep them quiet and disturbing others.  But we did it and they did really well.

sitting in a corner on the floor eating a snack before our flight

This one was an angel.  I got so many looks and comments, which was to be expected.  The most common was, "Are all these yours?!"  Ha ha..yup!  

Some of our best friends just happened to be in Utah for a wedding the day we arrived.  Ryan and Kali just moved from AZ to Boston last May.  Ryan is doing his anesthesiology residency and Kali just graduated from pharmacy school - amazing people!  Brooklyn loves Ryan and was so excited to see him.  It was so good to see Kali and catch up!  We miss them so much.   

I had been looking forward to sitting outside at night and having it be cool!  It was so nice to watch the kids play while the adults visited.  Utah summer/fall nights are the best.

I love this boy.  

We went and watched Rich finish the cottonwood canyon marathon.  It made me so thankful it wasn't me running!  It is just as rewarding being a spectator too :)  It was his first marathon and he did a great job.

Monday night for FHE, my mom let the kids help her pick the pumpkins from her garden.  They loved it - and there was a TON!  I think 56 or something like that.  She taught them about harvest and tithing.  Later that night she and Brooklyn took the biggest pumpkin to the Bishop.  She also made a yummy pumpkin dessert that we ate outside.

My mom, Jeannette, and I ran to Gardner Village - I love doing this with them.  Nothing better than quilt shopping with your mom and sister followed by lunch.  There were a few witches out already and my kids weren't so sure about them at first....they eventually warmed up to them.

Next post will be Mike and Mandy's wedding.  It was on Thursday and we flew back to Arizona Friday.  I took this picture of the kids right before we boarded.  That's how I made 3 kids work with a double stroller - once again, lots of looks and comments :)  The kids did well again on the flight home.  Brooklyn sat across from me next to the nicest man.  She yacked his ear off the entire flight, rubbed his arm that was covered in tattoo's, laid her head on his lap, and even took his earphones out of his ear once and put them in hers.  He was so nice to her and I appreciated it so much.  


  1. You are amazing. Don't people's comments get old? That is SO nice that you had a nice man on your flight to help you. People really don't know how much it means to be nice vs. jerky. Those pumpkins are awesome! Can't believe she had so many.

  2. 56 pumpkins? That is crazy! looks like such a fun time together. I love the pic of all of the kids on the stroller. You do what you have to do! Flying is annoying with kids alone - so nice to have nice people to help.