Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Three week trip - [week 2: Wyoming]

The kids and I drove up to Wyoming with my mom on Tuesday, August 12th.  We went up earlier than everyone else and spent a little extra time with Aunt Claudia and Uncle Bruce.

The kids did well overall on the drive.  We stopped in Rock Springs for lunch at McDonald's and let the kids play for a bit in the play area. 

We got there in the evening and right away Uncle Bruce pulled out the bikes for the kids.  Jake had a hard time figuring out how to pedal, so Uncle Bruce was so nice to push him up and down the sidewalk.  It felt so good to sit outside on a summer night and not be sweating to death!

eating breakfast the next morning outside.  AC and UB have the best house ever.

The kids and I walked over to the park that morning before it got too hot.  We played for awhile and when it got more hot we found some shade on the slide and shared a cup of ice.

J and B loved playing in the pool throughout the week.  Uncle Bruce set up a shade blocker too so I would sit out there and watch them.

Rich and Misty came up Thursday.  We had fun playing in the front yard with them.

I love Misty and my mom's faces in this picture :)

gem of a baby.

Mike, Mandy, Zoey, and Alyssa got there late late Thursday after we had gone to bed.  The next morning the kids helped Uncle Bruce pick up the apples off the ground that had fallen from the tree.

Rich let Brooklyn help him pick some too.

Zoey and Alyssa love Remmy and are so sweet with her.

I took Zoey, Alyssa, Brooklyn, and Jake to a splash pad in Tensleep.  It was a 20 min drive and we were the only ones there.  The kids had fun.  After we got snow cones from a place across the street and played at the park.

Other things we did - Maverik trips, sewing projects, I worked, jumped on the trampoline, swam at the rec center, played Farkle every night, and had a great week!


  1. It looks like such a relaxing, nice, cooler vacation. I know what you mean about the heat now, I really get it.

  2. Always looks like you have a blast there! Loved seeing all of the kids. Remmy is getting so big and cute!

  3. Another dream trip. I NEED to go to Worland immediately. That splash pad looks awesome and so fun that you were the only ones there!