Friday, October 24, 2014

October so far

October is the best.  It automatically makes me happier.  So many fun things to do and look forward to.  These pictures are out of order, but I don't feel like fixing them.

Halloween crafts at Dad's school - they do this every few weeks and have cute, free things for the kids to make.  This time is was a ghost and an owl.  We met Mandy, Reese, and Jensen there.

The Phoenix Arizona temple is finally done!  It was a few steel beams when we first moved here.  We've driven by it several times the last 2 year and watched the progress of it.   It is 5 minutes from our house.  We went to the open house as a family.  Brooklyn has been asking for a long time to go inside, so it was fun to tell her we finally got to!  It is such a beautiful temple, inside and out.    

 wearing their matching Halloween outfits on Oct. 1st

Remmy had her 4 month check up the beginning of the month.  She is 17 lbs (90%) and 25in (70%).  She got shots and didn't cry - no lie.  She got a frown on her face and I picked her up and she was fine.  The nurse was shocked because she poked her 3 times.  All that chub does a girl good :)  

my favorite picture of her right now - soooo cute I could almost eat her!

little boobs :) :)  

I went for a run one Saturday morning and came back and these two were waiting for outside all ready to go.  So down the street and around the block we went.  Brooklyn especially loves going "running" with me.

Brooklyn and Remmy watching a show...until Remmy spit up all over....

...ha ha, love her disgusted face.

found them after I got out of the shower playing outside - I think they were going on a trip this day.  Notice Jake's shoes...they are Brooklyn's.

candy corn that I made - I think they turned out cute.

One morning on my run I snapped this was a gorgeous morning.  

twins and best friends.


  1. That chunky baby is to die for....SO CUTE! I love the candy corns....I want some...where did you find them?

    1. I found them at the Wood Connection in Utah. They have a TON of cute, cute stuff!

  2. So many cute things! Remmy is getting so big and cute I love her! That sunrise is amazing! Love the candy corn. The kids are adorable in their Halloween outfits. So cool to have a temple that close.