Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Remmy's first week at home

The first week home flew by.  It makes me sad that they are only so little for so long.  My recovery has been great.  I was able to take a nap every day with my mom (and Mike) being here and the engorgement is finally starting to go down.

Remmy is a good eater and sleeper.  She gets up once a night and has done one 4 1/2 hour stretch and one 6 hour stretch.  I hope she keeps it up!  She is so calm and sweet - she must know she's the 3rd child.

Jake has surprisingly done better adjusting than Brooklyn.  He is really sweet with her - will come and give her a kiss on the head and then is on his way.  Brooklyn does fine with her, but has been more whiny and clingy.  It is getting better each day and I feel like she's getting back to her normal self.

Since I was in the hospital on Jake's birthday, we celebrated the day I got home.  My mom bought cupcakes and he opened his presents that night.

My mom gave Jake this Little Tikes car...he loves it.  Brooklyn has her bike to ride and he now has this.  John and I gave him a tool bench with accessories, a semi truck with cars inside it, and some action figures.  

I had my mom give Remmy a bottle when she was just a few days old and give her one every few days since.  I wanted her to take a bottle just like Brooklyn and Jake did.  It makes it so much easier sometimes going places when they will take a bottle.

Remmy is in the pack n' play in John and I's room

My friend Mandy and I had planned a small birthday party for Jake and her daughter Reese.  I knew I wouldn't be doing anything big with having a baby, so this worked out perfect.  We had pizza and cupcakes at the park and invited a few friends.  It was hot (as you can tell by the kids faces in the pictures).  John and I took Brooklyn and Jake and left my mom at home with Remmy (who was just 4 days old).

Lexi, Reese, and Brooklyn

sweaty and red faced

Mike flew in on Thursday.  My kids love him and always get so excited when he visits.  It was so fun having him and my mom here to help and keep me company.  Mike was a good sport about doing all our daily activities and entertaining the kids.

My friend Alison took some newborn pictures of Remmy for me.  I don't have them back yet, but snapped a few with my phone while she was taking her pictures.

Mike and I took the older kids swimming (well Mike took them swimming and I sat on the side and watched).  It will be nice when I can get in the pool again because it is hot!

My friend Khyra had her little girl Shae just 4 days after I had Remmy.  I went and saw her once she got home from the hospital.  We compared the girls and Remmy was a giant next to her already :) 

This was so sweet.  Jake woke up one day from his nap and cuddled with Mike for a good half hour after.  He never does this.  

Mike left yesterday and my mom leaves Saturday.  I love having visitors and will miss them both so much.  I'm anxious to see how real life with 3 kids goes.  I started working again last week - wanted to do it while I still had help here and can get caught up and adjusted.  I hope I can keep it up because the extra money sure is helpful! 


  1. I loved meeting Remmy, she is such a cute, calm little girl. I could hold her all day. I can definitely tell how hot it was at the cheeks all around!

  2. What a little beauty! That's so great that Mike and your Mom got to come too. I love the pictures of Jakey cuddling--those are priceless!

  3. She is so cute Beck!!! What a good baby to only get up once a night! I wish that was the case with Avery ha ha. Glad you have lots of help and it looks like you were up and at it fast! Fun little party for Jake to!

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  5. Becky! I just discovered your cute blog! Now I can stay updated with you guys. That picture of Remmy and Shae is so cute. They were so tiny!