Monday, June 9, 2014

Remmy Mae

Remmy Mae was born on Saturday, May 31st at 2:56 pm.  She was 8 pounds 20 inches.  She is the best little baby and we love her so much.

The birth story - I had a doctor appointment on Wednesday and was only at a 1.  My induction date was set for June 11th, which was only 1 day before my due date (this was because it fell on a Saturday and because the hospital was full the days before that).  I left so frustrated because I knew she was already big (both Brooklyn and Jake were 8 pounds) and I didn't want her to be 10 pounds.  I felt like I was near the end, but 2 more weeks sounded so far away.  I scheduled my next doctors appointment for the following Wednesday.

Friday morning I woke up at 5 and was having contractions that were 20 minutes apart.  They felt like the contractions I had with Jake when I went in to labor, but those were 5 minutes apart.  We had planned on going to the Science Museum with some I got ready anyway.  The contractions stayed about 20 minutes apart all day.  Around 8 that night my friend Mandy and I went to party city to get some things for Jake and Reese's upcoming birthday party at the park.  She dropped me off around 9 and a few minutes after I got home the contractions started coming about every 5-6 minutes apart.  I always hate knowing what to do and when to go to the hospital.  I waited a couple hours and finally called Mandy to come back and sleep on our couch.  John and I got to the hospital around 11:30 and they put me in triage.  I was at a 3, having consistent contractions every 5 minutes.  They told me to walk the halls for an hour and if I made progress, they would admit me (this hospital was great but also very frustrating.  They have very strict rules - you have to be 39 weeks or at a 4/5 to be admitted).  John and I walked around for 40 minutes.  I didn't want to be dealing with the contractions anymore so I asked if they'd check me again.  I was at a 4 and admitted!  I text Mandy and let her know we'd be staying.

hanging out in triage

They got me a room and I asked for the epidural.  They said they had to wait for my lab results to come back before they could.  So finally around 3:30 the anesthesiologist came in.  Once I was nice and comfortable they said the on call doctor (my doctor didn't deliver me because it was over the weekend) would be in in the morning to break my water.  They wouldn't give me any pitocin because I wasn't 39 weeks. 

I waited....and waited.....and waited.  I didn't sleep all night because I was so anxious/excited and thought for sure she'd be born early in the morning.  The nurse came in around 8 the next morning and I was still at a 5. I wasn't making any progress on my own and they still wouldn't give me any pitocin.  This went on all morning...I slowly got to a 6, then a 7.  Finally around 1:30 the doctor, who I still hadn't seen, told them to give me some pitocin.  The nurse kept telling me the doctor would be in soon to break my water.  I finally saw him around 2 and he said he'd be back soon to break my water.  But they he got called to the OR.  During that time I felt my water break on its own.  I called the nurse and she checked me but didn't think it really had.  I told her I felt something and she checked again and sure enough it had.  There wasn't very much fluid - they thought most of it was behind the baby.  I was at a 10 and ready to go.  We waited another 20 minutes before the doctor came back in.  I pushed twice and she was out - no episiotomy, just a couple stitches.

They put a towel on my stomach and then put her on it.  She stopped crying once I started talking to her - so sweet.  John cut the cord...I held her for a few minutes and then they weighed and measured her. 

They gave her back to me once they were done.  She was so calm and eventually opened her eyes and just looked at John and I.

John gets emotional when his girls are born.  I got emotional when Jake was born.  I couldn't cry...I was so happy and excited to have her in my arms.

Everyone left the room and it was just John and I and Remmy the first hour of her life.  We held her and talked to her.  I eventually nursed her for the first time and she did great - latched right on.  We sent pictures and stats to family and close friends.  It was the perfect hour.

John went to the nursery and watched them bathe her while they moved me to my room.  They don't let the dads bathe their babies at this hospital, just watch.  John took video of it so I could see it too.

fresh and clean from her bath - with a funny looking bow they made out of a hat

Mandy, who also had my kids all day (she is a saint!), brought the kids to the hospital around dinner time.  They were both so tired, neither napped that day, and I think unsure of what I was doing in the hospital bed, with an IV.  Jake wanted nothing to do with anyone.  Brooklyn wanted to hold Remmy but wouldn't come close to me.  She finally sat at the end of the bed.

Mandy took a quick family picture and then I had John take the kids home.  They were done and nothing could console them.  I felt bad that John had to take them home alone, but was very grateful to be staying in the quiet hospital alone with my new girl :) 

We named her Remmy Mae, not after anyone, but just because we liked it.  John and I have a hard time agreeing on names and usually still don't have a name even after they are born.  When I was about 30 weeks pregnant John mentioned the name Remmy and at first I wasn't too sure about it.  It grew on me though and now I love it.  I picked Mae for the middle name - I wanted something short and sweet.  She already fits perfectly in our family and I couldn't ask for a more calm, sweet little girl. 


  1. Oh, she is the cutest, sweetest baby! I love hearing about the birth! Mom was so funny and would not come into the play at Hale Center Theatre until she heard that she was born and everything was okay. At intermission, she FINALLY came and sat down. She's funny! A huge, HUGE congratulations!

  2. She is beautiful! I want to meet her soon! so please come to Utah! :)

  3. I couldn't have done what you did-you are a trooper, waiting and waiting. I love how they wanted you to just stroll, no. She is so cute, love her chubby cheeks...I can't imagine how big she would have been at full term!!!

  4. She is such a doll. I liked hearing your birth story--what an ordeal. I can't imagine how annoying that must have been to wait and wait--lots of patience. My number 3 (Addie) was a calm, happy, happy little girl--that number 3 is a peach!

  5. Loved reading this! SOOOO happy for you. She's so cute! So great you went into labor on your own!!!

  6. I loved reading your birth story Beck! So awesome. That hospital was bugging me about all their dumb rules! Glad everything went pretty smooth though. You seem to always handle things really well. She is a gem and her name fits her perfectly!

  7. So sweet Im glad you had such a good experience what a beautiful little girl!