Sunday, June 8, 2014

John's 2 week break

John finished finals May 16th.  He had 2 weeks off before he started in the clinic June 2nd.  He is now officially a 3rd year - which means halfway done!!

We planned some fun things to do during those weeks off.  

We had dinner with Mike, Camille, and Vinnie.  I love seeing my kids playing with their cousins.  Vinnie was such a nice boy and shared all his toys with Brooklyn and Jake.
We went swimming a few times.  I love all the pools around our neighborhood.  Both kids do great in their floaties and love being in the water.  They will be taking swimming lessons this summer which I'm excited for. 

38 weeks pregnant - last pregnancy photo (Remmy was born 3 days later)

We went to JumpStreet - a fun trampoline place.  They have an area for kids under 5 which includes trampolines, a candy land bounce house, and a huge crocodile blow up slide.  Jake LOVED this and poor John had to keep taking him down over and over again.

John and I had a date night.  There is a place called Studio Movie Grill in Scottsdale, not too far from us, and they always have a groupon for $5 movie tickets.  You sit in recliner chairs and can order food if you want.  We saw the second Caption America and both really liked it.  We ordered drinks and dinner.  The food is decently priced and tastes good too.  Perfect for a date night where we aren't gone for hours and hours.

We watched our friends kids the next night while they then went on a date.  The kids play great together.
Jake showing Jensen the princess castle

picnic dinner outside

movie night with a bowl of m&ms each

We went to Prescott.  We weren't really sure what it was or what there was to do there, but we decided to take a half day trip one day.  Prescott is an hour and a half away.  It happened to be Memorial Day when we went, so there was some arts festival thing going on in town.  I brought sack lunches for us and then we also got a corn dog and funnel cake to share at one of the stands they had.  We had fun walking around town and enjoying the cooler weather (about 10 degrees cooler than Glendale).  We drove to the lake and looked around before heading home.

I love his faces - John just told him to smile and this is what he did.

We got ice cream from Dairy Queen.

We went to the Science Museum with our friends.  John got a culture pass from the library so we all got in free.  I was having contractions at home before we left (more on that later) and we debated on whether we should still go.  I'm glad we did!  It was a fun place.

This room was full of balls and different water machines.  We stayed in here for a long time and the kids got pretty wet, but they loved it.

This was cool.  You stood behind it and it looked like all these beads were falling down on you.

They had a show that displayed different kinds of weather - for example when they talked about the sun these hot lights came on, the ground started to shake during an earthquake, water sprayed when there was a hurricane, etc.  The girls were amazed and a little unsure of it all at the same time.

Brooklyn covering her eyes at first

This was my kids favorite.  It was a stomach that had a slide and when the kids slid down it it made different farting noises depending on how fast or slow they went.  John and I couldn't stop laughing and they went down it over and over and over again.

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  1. Glad you had a good time during his break. That theater looks awesome! Wish they had one here. The kids look so grown up and cute. Nice to be close to Camille and Mike. Vinnie looks so big with B and J.