Tuesday, June 10, 2014

hospital stay

Even though I was frustrated at the hospital with certain things, like how slow my labor went, overall I can't complain.  It is a smaller hospital, so they don't let you send your baby to the nursery during the night.  I was a little worried about this because with my other babies that's what I did so I could sleep.  But thankfully Remmy was a gem and slept a lot so I was able to as well.
I loved looking over at her sweet face in the bassinet 

She has much lighter hair than Brooklyn and Jake did.  I hope she stays blonde.  It also looks like she has blue eyes...but I know it's too early to tell.  It would be fun to have a brown hair/brown eyed girl and a blonde hair/blue eyed girl.

My mom flew in on Sunday.  John and the kids picked her up and then he dropped her and Brooklyn off at the hospital.  Brooklyn did much better this time seeing me and Remmy.  My mom held the baby while I was able to have some time with just Brooklyn.

John eventually came with Jake and since it was his birthday, brought the present Grandma Mortensen had sent him for his birthday.  I felt bad that we didn't do anything on his actual birthday, but luckily he didn't know the difference.

I love her double chin :)  John thinks she has relief society arms too.

All packed up and ready to go home!  I went home Monday morning.  John started clinic that morning and wasn't able to get out of orientation, so I had my friend Alison pick us up.  We only live 2 minutes from the hospital.

I was excited to go home and get back to normal life with Brooklyn and Jake.  I think they were ready to have their mom home!  But I also loved having that alone, quiet time with Remmy.  It was different being away from family and having a baby...not as many visitors, but some of my friends came (Mandy, Kayla, Kandas, Janet, and Alison) which was so nice to have their company.


  1. I love her cute little outfit. You don't look like you just had a baby, up and attem.

  2. She's so cute. You look amazing too! I am always amazed at how bitsy they look in their car seats when they come home. She is a beauty!

  3. She is to cute. Definitely looks like your kids but has her own cute look! You look great Beck!