Wednesday, July 9, 2014

June randoms

Lots of pictures from June (all from my phone because my camera is getting fixed).

My mom stayed for 2 weeks and helped us after Remmy was born.  It was so nice having her here and we missed her so much after she left!  She did everything - cooked, cleaned, did laundry, played with the kids, ran errands with us, and kept me company. 

sweet girl - I think she looks like both Brooklyn and Jake, but more like Jake (probably the light hair)

Mike came for 4 days during the time my mom was was so fun having him here and my kids love Uncle Mike!  I don't think they ever left him alone.  We dropped him and the older kids off one morning at Jump Street while my mom and I went on a few errands with Remmy.

Jake wasn't interested in a picture.

My mom was so cute and would come up with fun activities for the kids do.  This picture is of them decorating Brooklyn's bike for the 4th of July with red, white, and blue streamers.

stretching :)

During quiet time I was working at my computer and turned around to this...Brooklyn showing Remmy all her My Little Pony's.  What a good big sister!

Remmy's 2 week appointment

worn out

a picture with Grandma before we took her to the airport

the amazing quilt my mom made Remmy.  I LOVE it.

$5 sand box and $5 worth of sand from Home Depot = keeps them entertained for awhile.

Remmy and I napped while John took the kids to church.

worn out after church

Camille brought Annie and Jake over who were in town visiting.  It was so good to see them.  We picked up Chipotle (thanks to Pat for the gift card!) for dinner and watched a NBA final game.   This picture of Camille and Jake cracks me up...I love both their faces.  Camille was doing "this little piggy" and Jake thought she was hilarious.

I sent Brooklyn to her room one day and found her like this....I KNEW she was tired :)

Remmy's cord took forever to fall out I felt like (2+ weeks).  Once it finally did, I was so excited to give her a real bath in our kitchen sink.  She loves bath time.  It is my favorite too.

Saturday morning cartoons and I caught Remmy smiling - I love her so much!

Remmy usually has tummy time and watches me while I make dinner.

I was feeding Remmy and Brooklyn came over, sat next to me with her doll, and started "feeding" her baby too.  She didn't say a word to me but was talking to her baby..."heres my boob sweetie"..."does that taste good".  I was cracking up!  And I do not say those things to Remmy.  Funny girl!

This is how we fit 3 in the stroller when everyone wants to ride.

Dance class - Brooklyn loves it and listens to her teacher really well.  She remembers the things she learns each week.

Brooklyn's friend Lexi had a Frozen birthday party.  I got to go too and help.  My friend Kayla did a great job and it was a really cute party.  Elsa even showed up at the party and every kid got to take a picture with her..

Jake LOVES Remmy.  He is really sweet and soft with her (usually).  I don't know if the feelings are mutual though..

We have been swimming a ton lately and my kids are in swimming lessons this week (more on that soon).  Jake is crazy and jumps in/runs in/belly flops in over and over again.  He loves it!  I love how much they both love the water.  Brooklyn is definitely more timid, but has gotten so much better lately.  


  1. Cute, cute, cute pictures! I love seeing each picture of Remmy and how much she's growing - sweet little baby!

  2. I am dying at that cartoon pic with Remmy smiling. So funny! I loved seeing all that you were up to in June. I bet you are busy with 3 kids - you are a rockstar. Nice to have your mom and MIke come - I LOVE that quilt. Love. Laughing at B to and her breastfeeding the doll. Charli does that to!!

  3. I need Remmy to stay little forever, she is so cute!! I will text you about coming out this month! I love the ballerina pics of B, so cute and focused. Jake is getting so big and cute. Oh, that pics of me, wowzers, but so cute of Jake!