Wednesday, July 16, 2014

4th of July (mostly)

A few random pictures before the 4th of July..

John had a pinning ceremony at school that was about him being at the clinic now, seeing patients.  Remmy and I went and cheered him on.  So proud of him..2 years done, 2 to go!

We love swimming thankfully because that's the only thing bearable to do outside now-a-days.  We usually go in the morning and I pack a lunch for us.  That way the kids are fed and on the way home always crash and take great naps.  

Remmy usually sleeps in her car seat in the shade while we're at the pool.  I bought a clip on fan for her so she doesn't get too hot.

We had a great 4th!  We were sad to be away from family (especially on this favorite holiday of mine!) but we had lots of fun being together just the 5 of us and with friends.  Our ward had a breakfast that morning at 8.  John left early to help set up so I got myself and the kids ready.  We were a little late, but still made it.  I had to feed Remmy once we got there and by the time I was done and came back in to eat, all the food was put away and they were folding up the tables and chairs.  Ha!  So..I heard it was a good breakfast and John, Brooklyn, and Jake enjoyed it :)  Maybe next year I will enjoy it too.

I packed us lunches once we got home and we headed to the pool.  Our friends swam with us and we had a great time.  We stayed for a couple hours then came home and all took naps.

That night we had a BBQ at our house with lots of friends.  We only did the meat and everyone else brought a side or dessert to share...made it easy on me!  I was worried it would be too hot to be outside, but thankfully with the misters turned on, it wasn't too bad.  Still hot, but bearable.  The food was all really good and the kids played great together and had fun.  We did snaps, sparkles, and just a couple fountain fireworks.  Everyone left around 8 and we were tired!  We were going to watch fireworks they do from the stadium, but after we cleaned everything up, our kids were exhausted and so were we!  I think we were all in bed by 9 that night!

star hair - Brooklyn's hair is finally long enough to do this!  I love trying new things with her hair.

I found these 4th of July rompers at Old Navy..I couldn't pass them up!  I love rompers.

Bartholomew's - Nate, Nixon, Kayla, and Lexi

Terry's - Allie, Ryan, Rose and Carson (not pictured)

 Stone's - Patrick, Janet, and Annabelle

I didn't get a picture of every family unfortunately, including ours.  Next year.


  1. We missed you on the 4th here too! But, it's fun to see that you had a great time with friends! Those are fun memories too! I love Brooklyn's shoes. I bought Hailey the same pair, but left them at some friend's house - little good those did us :)

  2. Way to go john! Looks like a fun 4th of July. We missed family to. I love bs hair. You are creative!