Sunday, August 10, 2014

July randoms (part 1)

I usually bathe Remmy in the kitchen sink, but stuck her in the tub one night with these two.  Some days I still can't believe I have 3 kids.

A few more pictures of Brooklyn's dance class.  It has ended now but I hope to start her back in it in the fall if it works with preschool.  She loved going each week and listened really good to her teacher Nicole.  She practiced at home throughout the week.

Brooklyn and Jake took swimming lessons - I didn't take ONE picture.  Why?  Probably because it was 115 degrees outside and the thought of pulling out my camera to get pictures didn't make sense.  I dropped them off and ran back to my air conditioned car instead :)  They both loved going to lessons each day and improved a ton.  Jake is a wild man in the water and LOVES it.  He will jump in, with or without floaties on, loves to be thrown in the air, and will "swim" underwater to you.  I love that he loves it, but he also scares me and I have to pay extra close attention to him.  Brooklyn improved a ton during the week and is much more confident and comfortable in the water.  She will now jump in on her own and go under water.

love these 3

sisters and matching outfits.  This was the first matching outfit I put on is a little addicting!  I love that they have each other - nothing better than my sister and best friend.

We met friends one day at Oasis open gym.  It has lots of gymnastics equipment the kids can play on.  Brooklyn was showing me her skills - I think she really misses Little Gym.  I miss it too and loved doing that with her.

worn out from swimming

Look at those tan lines!  That is SPF50, sometimes twice in one day.  I wish I had their skin.

 Brooklyn got out the markers while I was in the shower.  Jake got a hold of them and did this to our couch..

...and this all over our floor (he also got John and I's bedroom door I later discovered).

Then that afternoon during quiet time Brooklyn came to me like this while I was working....
So markers have been put away at our house for awhile :)

I watched my friend's boys while they went car shopping.  I sent this picture to her of the babies and I watching an Einstein show.

We went with friends to the Anthem outlets.  The kids played on the slide and splash area for awhile before we made them do a little shopping.  After we grabbed lunch at the food morning!

I got an eye exam from John!  It was really neat to see him in action.  He was serious and all business, but I kept joking around with him and making him laugh.  I also had to nurse Remmy during the exam :)  Probably (and hopefully) his one and only patient that ever does that!  He did a great job.  It was long, 3 hours, because every thing he did had to be checked by his preceptor.  But still, it was fun and rewarding to see him do what he's been studying for the last 2 years.


  1. Such cute pictures! I love those kids!

  2. Really cute pictures. Fun to see what you are up to.

  3. SO tell the 3 kids really as hard as everyone says? I'm terrified!!! Cute kiddos!!!

  4. I love there dark tan lines! All three in the bath are soooo cute.way to go john! So nice he is out of the classroom now.