Wednesday, August 27, 2014

July randoms (part 2)

I let Remmy get sunburned....what type of mother does that?!?!!  I felt SO bad.  I had taken the kids to play group which was at the pool.  Remmy was asleep so I moved her from her car seat because it was 105+ degrees outside and put her on a towel on a lawn chair.  She was in the shade the whole time and seemed fine even when we left and got home.  But as the day went on she got more and more red.  I took this picture of her that night...sooo sad!  I felt awful.  I think the reflection from the pool got her.  We put lots of aloe vera on her and it didn't seem to bug her at all, so that made me feel a little better.  I've heard you're not supposed to put sunscreen on babies until they're 6 months, but after this happened, I do!  I bought special infant sunscreen for her and always put that on her now when we are out.

We met friends at the splash pad one morning...

Remmy is smiling a ton now - I love it!  My favorite is first thing in the morning when she wakes up.  I peek over the pack n' play and start talking to her and she immediately squeals and gives me the biggest smile. 

Swimming with friends another morning..
Remmy's first time in the water - she didn't seem to mind it.

Brooklyn and Parker

group shot - Alison, Kandas, Parker, Burkli, Brooklyn, me, Jake, Annabelle, and Janet

I signed Jake up for a gym class at the school.  It was only $10 for 5 weeks.  Brooklyn was technically too old for it, but the teacher was a girlfriend of one of John's classmates, so she let her join in too.  They played with balls, did an obstacle course, yoga, sang songs, etc. each week.

Brooklyn put her animals down for a nap

I already posted this story on instagram/FB, but for the record..I had bought marshmallows at the store and a few days later was looking for them to make Rice Krispie treats.  I couldn't find them anymore and said outloud, "where are those marshmallows, I just bought them!?"  Brooklyn was right there and said, "I don't know Mom, guess you'll just have to buy more."  Well the next morning I was making her bed and looked over and say this....the bag of marshmallows hidden behind her laundry basket, half gone.  I just started laughing - that little stink!  I never said anything to her because I didn't know quite what to say.

poor Remmy never has much alone time...the other two are usually by her side.

I took Brooklyn in for her 2nd dentist appointment.  She loves the dentist and was so excited to go (I hope she keeps that same excitement growing up because I hate the dentist).

Brooklyn had one cavity and that we had to go back and get filled.  I was a little nervous, but excited to see how she'd do with some laughing gas.  It was hilarious!  She was still awake but so loopy and happy.

Jake loves Remmy.  He pays a lot more attention to her than Brooklyn does.  She stares at Jake until he looks at her and then gets a big smile on her face.  


  1. That sunburn! Ouch!! The kids are so cute together. I am cracking up about the marshmallows. Hilarious!

  2. I love remmy in the tube to. So cute. I love this smiley baby stage!

  3. That damn sun! Poor babe. I don't blame you for using sunscreen, I think it's fine, especially to prevent that. I love her cute smiley face. Jake kills me, melts my soul. That little rascall Brooklyn is hilarious!!

  4. She looks so cute in the tube....cracking me up.