Sunday, March 14, 2010

Skiing at Brighton

Last Friday John and I went night skiing at Brighton Ski Resort.  We got a great 2 for 1 deal ($30) at a radio station and went up after work.  John borrowed his brother's skis and I have my own, so it worked out great.  

Even though it was freezing, we had a blast!  I hadn't been skiing yet this year and John hadn't been in over 5 years, so we were a bit rusty at first.  I was so impressed at how good John was.  I'm the type of skier that has no idea how to turn, but just races straight down the hill.  John's the type that can ski side to side and has really good form.  One funny story - we were riding up on the ski lift with a random guy who let the loudest fart I've heard and didn't even flinch.  We were cracking up once we got off the lift!


  1. LOL SICK!!!! HA HA. I have no clue how to snow ski or snowboard. Looks fun though.

  2. HAHAHAHAHAAHAHA (about the fart). So sick, hahahaha. I hate skiing because it's cold. If it was 90 degrees I would go.