Friday, March 12, 2010

Galore of showers!

I had a total of 5 showers - John's family, my family, my ward, my work, and my friends.  It was overwhelming how generous everyone was and how much work was put into each shower.  John and I were so grateful for all that we got.  It really made me realize how blessed I am!

Mortensen shower: 

John's sister's, sis-in-law, mom, aunts, and cousins put this shower on for us.  We played a few games, including a video that they had previously recorded of John answering questions about me.  It was really funny to learn some of his favorite things about me.  

this is the guest sign-in book that Jeannette made me

Sorenson family:

Every time a cousin gets married in my family all of our extended family gets together and has a shower for them.  We had it at our ward because there are so many of us now.  We ate, opened gifts, and then finished with the hokey pokey.  (I was going to have my Aunt Mary play the hokey pokey on her accordion for the last song at our wedding, but her and my Uncle Noel were out of town.  So she was willing to do it at the shower.  It's my absolute favorite!)

this is the Christmas quilt my mom made us

Aunt Mary

the whole gang doing the hokey pokey :)

Friend shower:

Jeannette was so nice to put on my friend shower.  She had so much delicious food and put so much work into it.  Thank you Jace!!  It was a really random group of friends, from high school, WWCC, and MSU-N.  It was great to see everyone.

I didn't take any pictures at my work shower (which was at Macaroni Grill) and the pictures from the ward shower wouldn't upload, so that's it! 

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  1. Those were fun showers. Glad I got to go to some of them. You guys got some good stuff. Can't wait to see pics of the honeymoon......