Sunday, April 4, 2010

Honeymoon - part 1

I thought the easiest way for me to write about our honeymoon was to do it in sections because we took so many pictures.  So here it goes...

March 20th:

We stayed at the Sheraton Hotel on our wedding night.  John's parents upgraded our room to the deluxe suite and it was awesome!  Neither of us ate any food at our reception except for our wedding cake, so luckily John had packed some food that we were able to eat in our room.  

this is the cash we took on our's all gone now! :(

Sunday, March 21st:

We dropped our car off at our apartment Sunday morning and had my brother Rich take us to the airport.    Our flight was about 6 hours long, but it went by pretty fast.

John at the Hawaii airport

this was the view from our hotel room

Waikiki Beach

Funny, yet maddening story:  We arrived in Hawaii around 4pm local time and checked in to our hotel.  We unpacked, walked around Waikiki Beach, and then tried to find a place to eat.  We were starving so we just decided to eat at our hotel.  We got seated and were handed a menu, which we realized was just a drinks menu.  We asked our waiter and he told us it was a buffet.  We didn't even think to ask the price.  So we ate and enjoyed ourselves and when we got the bill we couldn't believe it.  $122!!!  (including tip)  John didn't believe me at first when I told him how much it was.  We were shocked.  At first we were mad, but then we couldn't help but to just laugh about it.  That may be our most expensive dinner we'll EVER have!!  And the bad part was that we didn't even eat that much. 

Monday, March 22nd:

John thought it would be fun to have a "beach day" where we went to different beaches around the island.  John's aunt and uncle used to live in Hawaii, so they gave us ideas of what were the best beaches to go to.

This was the first beach we went to - Lanikai.  It was awesome.  There were literally 10 of us on the entire beach and it was so beautiful.  

We stopped at L&L for lunch on our way to the second beach.  It was good while we ate it, but half an hour later I was suffering!  I kept running back and forth from the beach to the bathroom!!

Bellows Beach - we were also there by ourselves

Sunset Beach

snackin' on some chips in bed :)


  1. I love all these pictures! Looks so fun Beck. Love your swimming suit and swim suit cover! I can't believe that stupid BILL!!!! SO much money.

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  3. We did the same thing when we first got to the hotel on our honeymoon but our bill was only $70 ouch! We didn't eat their again. The kids were really excited to see your pictures! You guys are stinkin' adorable!