Saturday, August 27, 2016

Kate's blessing

June 26, 2016

Kate was blessed in the Capitol Hill ward.  We tried to do it in Arizona when family was down for John's graduation, but our Bishop didn't allow baby blessings to be done in the home.

John gave Kate a wonderful blessing.  Some things he blessed her with (for my memory):  a rich and blessed life, that she will have a testimony of the Gospel, that she will have a strong relationship with your sisters and brothers (I teased John about this after and said brothers?  There's another one? :)), a father and mother who love you, that she will make it through hard days and hold on to the Gospel, that she will have a healthy body and be able to do all things, to stay strong and stay close to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, and that she is supported not only by the men in this group but by your family, especially your parents.

She looked so beautiful in her white dress (same one that Brooklyn and Remmy were blessed in).

Jake was done with pictures. 


  1. We were so happy to be there! Thank you! Kate is such an angel!

  2. Another Little Becky! She is so so cute. That is so nice you could bless her at the ole Capitol Hill Ward. Love your family pics.

  3. Sounds like a nice blessing. She is adorable Beck!! I agree she is a little Becky!