Friday, August 5, 2016

Jake's birthday, John's graduation, and moving

The week of Remmy's birthday, Jake's birthday, John's graduation, and moving was EXHAUSTING.  We had lots of family in town which was fun, but I would never want to re-do that week again.  My mom (my dad couldn't come last minute because he was sick) and Marc and Betty arrived on Tuesday (Remmy's birthday).  We had cake and ice cream that night and kept it super simple.

Jake's birthday was the next day.  He turned FOUR!  He woke up super excited and was a good sport about waiting for John to get home from taking care of last minute graduation things before he opened his presents.  His big present from John and I was a super hero Lego set - a big kid one (according to Jake).  He was so excited and grateful for it.

That night was a banquet for John and all the optometry graduates.  My mom, Marc, Betty, and John's brother Joe went with us.  John's sister Shari had just arrived in town and babysat all four kids for us.  So nice of her!  We ate dinner ($50 a plate,,,rip off) and then sat through a program they put on.

The next morning was graduation.  John's other siblings Sonya and Heather had arrived by this point too and we were so thankful for all the support we got from family.  It meant so much to us to have them there, helping us celebrate John.

A few selfies before the ceremony started..

The ceremony started and the audience was asked to stand while the graduates walked in.  We just happened to be by the isle that John walked down and I snapped this picture of him as he went by.  Thing had been so busy so far that week and I hadn't really thought yet about graduation and what it meant.  As John passed me smiling, wearing his cap and gown, I got teary eyed and couldn't stop the happy tears.  I am beyond proud of him.  He has worked incredibly hard the last four years through optometry school.  I couldn't be more grateful for all that he does for our family.  

This picture is hard to see, but it is of Joe "hooding" John.  They let family members do this to the graduates if they are also a doctor.  

hugging each other 

Joe and John 

Shari, Marc, Heather, John, Betty, Sonya, and Joe - all of John's siblings came except James who had work obligations

Tal, Alison, and Tayvri - some of our very closest friends.  Optometry school was a whole LOT better because of them!   

Alison, Janet, and I - love these two like sisters.  They are incredible people/friends/moms/wives. 

We went to Cheesecake Factory after for lunch to celebrate.  

I had scheduled Remmy and Jake's well visits after lunch (gotta get those last free appointments in before we moved!).  Remmy was hammin' it up for the doctor and Jake was brave for all those 4-year old shots.

We got home to this HUGE truck in the front of our house (and we filled it FULL).  The rest of the afternoon/evening was spent packing/moving/packing/moving/cleaning/etc.  We were so thankful for everyone's help and couldn't have done it without them.

The next day John drove the truck down to Sahuarita to move all our stuff in storage for the summer.  The house we found wasn't available until mid July, which worked out well because we didn't have to pay rent while we were in Utah.  Marc followed John in his car and helped him unload.  Betty, the kids, and I drove in our van to the leasing office to pay the deposit.  I was able to show Betty around Sahuarita, our house (from the outside), and we stopped and met Jake's preschool teacher.  We went to the storage unit so I could relieve Marc for a bit while he and Betty took the kids to play at McDonald's.  It was blazing hot that day (of course) and John and I were dripping bullets as we unloaded and packed all our crap into the storage unit.

Once Marc came back, Betty and I drove back to Glendale, grabbed our stuff, and checked in to the hotel we stayed at for the night.  We got in late and were exhausted.  John and Marc eventually met us there.

The next morning we headed back to the house to clean before our landlords came over to check us out.  I drove to a few friends homes to say goodbye and Janet came over to my house to say goodbye.  Those goodbyes were HARD.  I was a mess and couldn't stop crying all morning.  We LOVED Glendale and will forever be grateful for those fast 4 years.  I made some of my closest friendships and so thankful those will continue on.

It was bitter sweet pulling away from 6713 W Wescott Drive.  This little home was perfect for our family and has so many wonderful memories I will always remember.

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  1. Oh Beck I am sad reading this post. It is SO hard leaving a place after 4 years and dealing with all of the stress and emotion of everything - graduation, moving, packing, goodbyes. Way to go BOTH of you!! You are both awesome! So happy John is finished!