Wednesday, August 10, 2016

first half of June

We stayed with my parents for the rest of the time we were in Utah (besides the weeks we were in Worland, Bear Lake, and Santa Cruz).  They were so kind and patient to let us stay so long and the time flew by.

my dad meeting Kate for the first time

Kate and Kate :)

Brooklyn and Sophia played all summer long.  We still miss living next door to them.  Brooklyn (and Jake) would ask me first thing after they woke up every day if they could play at Sophia's.  Poor Misty was beyond nice and always let them.  I love that they are older now and just babysitting them.

We met Mandy, Zoey, Alyssa, and Audrey at a park/splash pad in Kaysville one morning.  We packed lunches and had a picnic in between playing.

Eww.  The ugliest face swap you ever did see!

Aunt Sonya bought the girls matching dresses.  Brooklyn and Remmy couldn't wait and had to put them on at Emma's soccer game.

After Emma's game we picked up pizza and met at the park at Ensign Peak.  My kids love Uncle Solomon and he is always so patient and nice to them.

My mom and dad have a new fire pit and we roasted s'mores a few times.


  1. I love seeing your cute pics! It just seemed natural to have you guys so close for most of the summer. We are definitely in Mortensen withdrawal!

  2. Sofia and Brooklyn are adorable together. That face swap AHHAHAHAHA!!!