Thursday, September 8, 2016

cousins and Lagoon

We played at Jillian's house one day with her kids and Camilla's.  It was fun to watch our kids interact and play, but even more fun for me to sit and chat with them.  I wish we were able to get together more often.

this sweet thing fell asleep on the floor like this, even with all the commotion 

taking a break from swimming, eating oreos 

We spent one day at Lagoon with the Bowen's, Mike, Mandy, and the girls, and my mom and dad.  It was hot and fun!  The kids loved all the kids rides...well I shouldn't say all the rides...most of them. 

love that cheese face 

Tidal Wave - Brooklyn and Jake were a little worried about this one at first.. 

started out happy.. 

..look closely at that terrified, crying face!  

Poor he is happy and excited to be on this dinosaur egg ride...

...that quickly changed to terrified and crying when it started going up.  I think he is afraid of heights.  He loves the fast, spinning ones, but NOT a fan of the tall ones.  Poor kid.  What do you do?  I stood there calling his name and laughing.  People around me probably thought I was awful for just laughing.  It was pretty comical though.

I got him to go on a roller coaster with me shortly after and he didn't seem too traumatized.

the cutest, best parents in the world

This little gem went with the flow all day long.

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  1. Lagoon is fun! I hadn't been in YEARS and just went in August. The Cannibal was fun even though I thought I might die ha ha. Love all of the cute pics - kids look like they are in heaven.