Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Bear Lake [part two - 4th of July]

We had a really fun 4th of July.  Heather bought and gave everyone super man shirts to wear, which were really fun, and we went to a park that morning for the "Mortensen Olympics".

I found the girls these matching 4th overalls and thought they were SO cute.  

I love them!

..and I could eat her.

We did the pledge of allegiance, marched in a parade to the Olympic song, and played lots of games.  Sonya and Solomon were in charge and did a great job coming up with an obstacle course for us.  The kids raced against each other first and then the adults.

4th of July star hair

I packed lunches for us after and we headed to the lake for the first time.  It was the busiest it was all week, but still not bad.  We had one side of the beach to ourselves.

After spending the rest of the day at the lake we came home and ate, bathed the kids, and put them in their matching pajamas (my favorite).  


  1. What cute pics! I could just eat Kate too! She is such a sweet little doll!

  2. All of your matching clothes for the kids are so cute! You are the queen of coordinating kids! Sounds like you guys had a great reunion!