Friday, April 1, 2016

Kate's first week at home

Kate has been a gem so far.  I love the newborn stage and hate that it goes so fast.  I wish she could stay a newborn for 6 months (other than the getting up in the middle of the night).  I don't know if it's because I know I don't have many pregnancies/newborns left that I have really tried to soak it all up.

The older kids have all done really well with her.  Surprisingly, I think Brooklyn had the hardest time that first week.  She was great with Kate (wanted to hold her, burp her, watched me change diapers, etc.) but the fact that the attention was all on Kate...I think that got to her.  One night in the bathtub, under her breath, she said with a slight attitude, "because it's all about new baby Kate."  Ha!  After that first week and my mom went home and life got back to normal, she has been just fine and loves her so much.  Any time I ask her to hold her for me she is always willing, loves to sing to her, and asks me daily if she can pretend to be Kate's mom.

Jake has adored Kate since day one.  He lights up when he sees her.  He loves to sit next to me when I feed her, sings to her, and loves holding her too.  Remmy has done really well, doesn't mind her one bit.  In fact, hardly pays attention to her, which I prefer.  She has held her only a handful of times and only once scared me because I came out from taking a shower to Remmy holding a blanket over Kate's face.

Some pictures from our first week at home with Kate:

This was shortly after we got home from the hospital.  John, my mom, and the kids had just gotten home from church.  Notice Brooklyn's hair - she did it herself....  My mom said she tried to get her to let her do it, but she insisted she did it herself.  Yikes!  I'm sure everyone at church must have thought in their mind.."oh yeah, her mom is in the hospital and just had a baby."   

My mom made Kate this adorable quilt!  I love it!  The back is one of the pink so cute!

one of the few times Remmy has held Kate  

Brooklyn started basketball the Monday after Kate was born (4 days old).  John and I took Brooklyn to her first practice (with Kate too) alone which was nice to give her some alone time and have the attention to all on her.  She was really shy at first, but once she saw that another girl was on the team, lit up and started participating and having a lot of fun.  

I have LOVED watching her play.  There is something even more exciting about watching your kid play the sport you loved.  She is really good at dribbling, especially with her left hand, and can reach the ball to the rim.  She hasn't made a basket yet, but she is getting closer.

waiting in the car for Brooklyn to finish dance class 

my big helpers 

My mom was here for 2 weeks total.  She was here 9 days before Kate was born and left 5 days after.  I felt bad that she was here for so long before Kate came (the reason was because Remmy came 2 weeks early and I thought that would happen again...nope..Kate was exactly 1 week early, just like Jake).  We had a lot of fun though doing things before the baby came.  My mom treated me to a pedicure, we went shopping, played at different parks, played Dr. Mario every night after the kids went to bed, and were so spoiled by her.  I was sad to see her go!  But also so thankful Kate did come while she was still here.  

caught a sleepy smile 

sleeping like an angel  


  1. So nice to have your mom that long! You can tell she was in heaven holding her! Fun that Brooklyn is in basketball! I am excited to get C started in it. Sounds like everyone is adjusting to sweet baby Kate!

  2. That is really funny what Brookylyn said! Okay, I think her hair looks fine. Good thing I don't have a girl, bc that is what it would look like!