Friday, April 8, 2016

Easter activities

I've said this before, but I love where we live, I love our friends, I love our life here in Arizona.  It is going to be a hard move/transition in a couple months when we move.  My kids are sure spoiled with the number of friends they have and activities that go on.  I know I'll look back on our time in Arizona and think "that was the good life".  It has been so fun to have so many people in our same situation - husband in school and gone a lot.  My kids and I have made some of our closest friends and we will miss everything about Arizona A.TON.

Ok, anyway, back to Easter activities.  The Monday before Easter was the annual Easter egg hunt for play group.  The moms give 10 eggs/per child to whoever is in charge beforehand.  On the morning of the hunt, every kid gets to find 10 eggs.

They were excited and ready to find their eggs.  I love this year that Remmy got it and participated.

Most of the kids lining up waiting for the go ahead to start (notice Brooklyn's picking her nose...nice.  I didn't catch it until I was looking through pictures after). 

Brooklyn and Jake ran ahead to find their eggs on their own and I stuck with Remmy.  She wanted to open each one after she picked it up.  I had to convince her to keep going until she found all 10.

Another activity we have done all 4 years is an Easter egg lunch hunt.  All the moms are assigned to bring so many eggs (however many kids are participating) filled with an assigned food.  Then the kids find all their eggs and inside is their lunch - a mini sandwich, fish crackers, grapes, cheese, fruit snack, and little cookies.  

Brooklyn and her two best friends, Lexi and Reese 

group shot

both were out on the couch during quiet time


  1. Remmy is a crack up!!! Totally reminds me of Avery. You are going to miss it so much. It is such a good life to have people in the same situation and to be able to do activities together. I already miss it. I am happy you have loved it there. Kate is so sweet laying on Brooklyn. Oh and B's purple outfit- adorable.

  2. I need Brookyln's romper, absolutely love it. I need it for me, I mean. Sounds super fun!