Wednesday, August 26, 2015

4th of July/Worland

The kids and I drove up to Utah the end of June for 2 weeks.  It was so nice to escape the heat for a bit and be with family over the 4th of July.  We felt bad leaving John over the holiday, but he couldn't miss any of his rotation.

Jake loved Owen and was really sweet with him.

We drove up to Worland with my parents.   They were really good sports about listening to the kids talk, sing, talk, sing (mostly Brooklyn) the whole way and getting them all their snacks, toys, books, etc.  It was nice for me to have their help and company.

I love the 4th of July and I love Worland - it was the best time!  We did the usual - rockets, trips to Maverik, jumping on the trampoline, swimming in Aunt Claudia and Uncle Bruce's little pool and also at the rec center multiple times, projects, visiting, Taco John's.  Everyone was up there except Pete and Meg and her girls were there too - it was a packed house!  And so much fun.

Uncle Bruce is the best and grants every kids wish.

I did all the girls hair for the 4th (I think 8 total).  I did this on Brooklyn last year and think it's so cute.  Time consuming, but easy.

Brooklyn, Lucy, Alyssa, and Remmy

All the kids in their 4th of July outfits.  They are such a cute bunch.

Look at Remmy - little stink.  She was like that for 95% of the pictures.  She was super attached this trip was really annoying.  She started to warm up to everyone at the end, but I think that many people was too much for her.

sweet Sam - loved this.

Jake was out - he usually fell asleep late afternoon every day, just exhausted from playing so much.

We went to the museum in Worland with the Bowen's.  We hadn't been in a few years so it was fun to go again.  It's a small museum, but just enough for the kids.

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  1. Such a cute group of grandkids. Your trips to WY always look relaxing and fun. Love the 4th of July outfits!