Wednesday, August 5, 2015

May randoms

Jake no longer naps since I've taken the binky away.  Most days these two are good about having quiet time by either watching a movie on the couch while I work or color/work on an art project. 

My friend Kandas gave Jake this shirt for his birthday.  It says, " Jake Doesn't Share Food."  You have to be a "Friends" fan to understand (Joey doesn't share food).  We had joked several times about how Jake needed a shirt that said this because he does NOT share his food.  I love this shirt!

pedicures for Kandas, Alison, and I

Family bowling - our kids had never been bowling, sadly, so we finally took them!  We went with friends and went to dinner after.  Brooklyn especially loved it and was taking all the kids turns by the end.

Remmy got in on the action too.

Before it got too hot, we spent as much time as we could outside.  One night we met Tal and Alison at a grass area near our house,we took dinner and ate on blankets and then ate ladder ball.  Brooklyn loved it and wanted to play in every game.

always lots of swimming

Anthem Outlets/Train park - John had a few days off in between his last day of 3rd year and 1st day of 4th year, so we did as much as we could as a family. 

Brooklyn loves gymnastics - these aren't the best pictures.  The parents sit outside and watch through the glass.  We've taken a break for the summer but will start up again in the fall.

My mom came to visit for Remmy and Jake's birthdays!  It is always so fun to have her.  She spoiled us (as always)!  We tried a new pizza restaurant that was really yummy.

She did this "Russian" hair-do on Brooklyn.

Remmy's birthday - her siblings were waaay more excited about her presents than she was!  But she loved the wrapping paper and didn't care one bit that most her presents were opened for her.

My mom made her this darling circus cake!  I thought it turned out so cute.  I didn't let her smash this because I had already done a party for her 2 weeks before and let her smash a cake then.  Plus this cake was just too pretty to smash.

My favorite part of my mom being here was our nights together after the kids went to bed.  I borrowed a friend's old Nintendo and we played Dr. Mario for hours every night!  We laughed our heads off and had the best time!!


  1. That picture of you and mom playing Dr. Mario is one of my favorite pictures ever! Love you both!

  2. I was glad we could spend time with you guys a little bit this month-there's no way it's been a couple months since I've seen you?? Remmy's and Jake's cakes were so cute!!

  3. Love the updates. Beck your mom is amazing at making cakes!! I had no idea. I love that she plays Dr. Mario with you that is so fun. She is the best! Looks like you had a good May.