Tuesday, August 25, 2015

June randoms

Jake's 3 year check-up/Remmy's 1 year check-up
I was so busy with all the kids that I forgot to ask how much they weighed and how tall they are.  We were rushing to get Brooklyn to gymnastics after this.  Jake didn't have shots, but poor Remmy did.

We have a children's museum pass and it has saved us this summer!  It is such a nice break from the heat and being able to have fun inside and let the kids get all their energy out.  I bought a pass for 6 so we usually take friends with us.

love Remmy's face :)

Brooklyn and Jake went to Reese's birthday party.  Mandy had a water party in their backyard and my kids had lots of fun.  I love these pictures she sent me - look at Jake's tongue and concentration on the pinata.

disgusting - had to get a picture

We still swim a lot of course - the only thing to do outside these days.  I even think splash pads are miserable.  Probably not for the kids, but for me since I'm not actually getting in.  I'll put my feet in, but that only lasts so long.

I love that this girl knew how to use a floatie before she knew how to walk - that is an Arizona baby!

Jake doesn't nap anymore so I find him like this many times a week.

matching outfits for Tayvri, Brooklyn, and Remmy

These two were playing really cute having a puppet show. 

Father's Day breakfast for John in bed

The kids all adore John - we are so lucky he's ours.  He is definitely the nice parent :)

swimming in our kiddie pool with Lexi

When this boy gets out of bed I can't help but let him come cuddle with me on the couch.  If his sister gets out of bed, that's a different story :) 

matching 4th of July pajamas - I can't help myself when it comes to matching holiday pajamas.  These are actually boy pajamas but I thought they worked for the girls too.

Trouble - We'd never been to the rec center close to our house to swim.  There are tons of free pools around us so we have just never paid to go here.  My friends and I wanted to check it out and went one afternoon.  It was really crowded, but other than that a really fun place for the kids.  Brooklyn I trust and is fine going down the slide/swimming on her own.  Jake on the other hand, still scares me because he is SO relaxed and calm in the pool.  If you don't know him, you see him in the water and think he's drowning.  Anyway, I was carrying Remmy and following Jake around the kid area.  The water progressively gets deeper, to about 3 ft, and Jake was swimming around with goggles on, face in the water, as relaxes as an be.  He puts his head in and looks at the bottom of the pool a lot and can hold his breath a LONG time.  He was doing this and I was literally 5 ft from him, when I hear a whistle and a lifeguard jumps in and grabs him out of the water.  Jake was so confused, I was confused, and suddenly every other lifeguard there is blowing their whistle and running over to where Jake had been pulled out of the water.  I immediately grab the lifeguard and say I'm his mom, I'm right here, but it was too late.  An announcer had come on over the intercom announcing an emergency and to evacuate the pool immediately.  I climbed out with Remmy and went over to Jake, who was surrounded by every lifeguard there.  They started asking him questions and "accessing" him.  I was trying not to laugh out loud but at the same time so embarrassed.  I of course am so thankful they were doing their job, just really unnecessary.  Jake was mad they wouldn't let him back in the pool.  Everyone was staring at us as we had to walk to the first aid station to fill out paperwork and answer more questions.  We were in there for 15 more minutes before they'd release us so we could get back in the pool.  We didn't stay much longer than that because I felt like Jake had a huge target on his back and everyone was watching him so close.  Ha, and once again he was holding his breath, looking at the bottom of the pool, just floating along.  Good thing he is so cute!

more children's museum fun - this time with Allie and Madden


  1. Those are such great pictures! The kids always look so cute in their clothes and jammies! What a great mom you are!

  2. Those are such great pictures! The kids always look so cute in their clothes and jammies! What a great mom you are!

  3. Cute swimming suits on all of the kids! Fun pictures to see! I can't believe that happened at the swimming pool. That is crazy! Love those matching jammies!