Tuesday, September 24, 2013

August randoms

These are all phone pictures...not the best quality.  I lost/left my camera charger somewhere on our summer trip and finally had to give in and buy a new one. 
Our poor kitchen.  We got back from our trip to mold in our kitchen - under the sink, in the cabinets, behind the wall.  It was so gross and stunk...and even made it's way to our wedding pictures that were leaning  up against the wall (we only moved in the day before we left for the summer).  I had to throw those pictures and frames away..luckily I have all those pictures on CD.  Anyway, the problem was a leak in a pipe that was in the concrete...so they had to take all the bottom cabinets out to drill through the cement to get to the problem.  The problem has been fixed, but we're still waiting for the new cabinets to be put in.  Our landlords are great and have done everything they can, as fast as they can.  It's just been a waiting game...but hopefully by the end of the month I'll have a kitchen again!

this rarely happens anymore, but I love when it does.

they love playing in my shower while I get ready.

Brooklyn's 1st day of preschool/joy school.   She was SO excited and wore her backpack all morning, asking over and over when it was time to go.  Three other moms in my ward and I are doing this - Thursdays from 9-11...so I host once every 4 weeks.  We are doing a letter a week and then just let them play.

cute Vinnie.  We went down to Mike and Camille's for dinner and then took a walk to the park.

My friend Kayla and I threw our friend Mandy a baby shower (the one I made the quilt for ).  Mandy's nursery for her little boy is robot themed so we went with that for the shower.  We kept it simple and it turned out so cute I thought.

Mandy opening presents.
I found the kids a play house on Craigslist for $50.  It's huge and they love it.  I watched my friends little boys and they played outside the whole time, even in 110 degree weather.

morning cuddling.

first day of 2nd year!  It is amazing how fast that first year went.

helping take out the trash.

dance party with Lexi and Reese.  Brooklyn has a hard time keeping clothes on these days.  I wish I could run around like that too when it's so hot outside.

Rita's.  We LOVE Rita's.  They just opened a new one even closer to our house and it is a little embarrassing how many times a week we go :)

loves singing along to the primary songs on the iPad.

feeding her baby breakfast.  (notice our poor kitchen in the background)


  1. What a cute baby shower! I can't belive your kitchen Beck. That is AWFUL!! Ughhh. Love that she was so excited for school. That is so adorable. Fun to have cute Vin close by. Excited to see your new kitchen when it is done!

  2. That stinks so much about your kitchen!! It's been forever! Love all the pics. The robot shower turned out so cute! What a cute idea.

  3. Love all the August Randoms! I feel terrible about your kitchen--what a big fat pain! I really love the robot shower! So awesome!