Monday, December 2, 2013

Butterfly Wonderland

It's been awhile.
I have a LOT to catch up on and that is mostly why I haven't blogged in so long because it is overwhelming.  But I need to start somewhere.  Time to play catch up..

Back in September, when our kitchen was being remodeled, there were a few days where the kids and I had to be out of the house all day long.  This can be tricky with naps and without spending lots of money.  Our landlords are great though, and bought us tickets to a new place called Butterfly Wonderland one of these days.

It was basically just all about butterflies.  I don't think I would ever spend the money to go again, but it was fun to take the kids. 

My friend Alison was nice enough to go with me and help with the kids.

They had a big atrium where they kept TONS of butterflies, of all shapes and sizes.  Some of them were HUGE.  They let you walk around for as long as you wanted, with butterflies flying all over the place.  Some would even land on you.  Brooklyn wasn't a fan of it at first because butterflies were landing on her and flying in her face.  I was trying to tell her to be brave, but in the meantime was trying not to freak out myself about all these butterflies landing on me and brushing my face :) 

We stayed in the atrium as long as we could stand and then went and explored the rest of the museum.  They had other insects, like bees, ants, spiders, scorpions, etc. for us to look at.

Jake trying to take a peek at the stingrays

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  1. Ew I would probably freak out to if they kept touching my face. Sounds like a cool place though! That was nice of your landlord! Excited to see all your updates!