Friday, December 27, 2013

Witches Party

I threw my own witches party this year.
I was a little hesitant to do it, but am so glad I did!
I am definitely doing it again next year.

Kelsi did the invite for me - she designed it for her party last year and I just had her change the information.

Most everyone dressed up - wore black and had a witches hat.  We played the "Which Witch is Which" game, which was fun to get to know each other better.  And learn some interesting things! :)

For the food, I ordered bread bowls and made chili and another friend made another soup.  We also had salad, a veggie tray, and some treats.

We sat outside the whole night (a definite plus of living in Arizona...perfect weather this time of year!)  This is also another plus of living in a house now - having a very private backyard to talk and laugh as long as we wanted.   Most everyone stayed a long time....until was a good time!
The witches - back row, left to right: Alyssa, Sarah, Kandas, Mandy, Allie T., Emily.  front row: Amy, Janet, Kayla, Alison, and Blayre.  not pictured are Kara, Allie W., and Lisa.

 same picture except I'm in the middle.


  1. Love this idea! I would love to do one of these with my friends! Thanks for sharing the details :)

  2. Love this. I had fun with mine this year to. Everything looks cute and that is SO nice you can do it outside with the weather. Looks like a nice group of girls!