Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Mortensen Family Reunion - part 3

Thursday we had planned to go to Sand Hollow and do ATV's, boat, jet-ski, and play and swim, but we heard there were really bad cases of swimmer's we didn't want to risk it.  Instead we went to a different rec center and did water Olympics at the pool.  Joe was in charge of this and did a great job...most of the kids participated (the little ones watched) in different races across the pool, best jump or dive in the pool, shooting a noodle through blow up tubes, etc.

In the afternoon it was women's time...meaning lunch, cupcakes, and pedicures!  And best of all, no kids :)  It was fun to have alone time with Betty and the sisters/sister-in-laws and actually get to chat and visit without interruptions.  We went to a Greek place first to eat, stopped at a cupcake shop, and finished with pedicures.  I hadn't had a pedicure in a LONG it was extra nice!

We took more family pictures when we got back, had a potluck dinner with everyone's leftovers that night, and treats and testimony meeting after.  It was a GREAT reunion and we can't wait for the next in 2016!

Friday we packed up, cleaned the condo, and headed out.  Two things...we accidentally took the garage door opener with us so I had to FedEx it back that day once we got to Salt Lake = $20.  Then RIGHT as we were pulling in to my parents house I realized I forgot my laptop.  My WORK laptop...the one I HAVE to have.  I quickly called our condo and asked if they could double check to make sure it was really there..which is was.  They were nice enough to FedEx it to me that day...which I got 3 days later = $50.  Total = $80....nice!

These are the family pictures we got taken.  I think they all turned out great!

Marc and Betty  

Sonya and Solomon

I can't find Heather and Curtis's family picture....not sure why!

Joe and Lisa - Taylor, Hunter, Sadie, and Connor

Shari and Brad - Jakob, Josh, Drew, and Aleks

James and Sara - Luke, Bella, Royce, and Abrahm

And the group shots..


  1. So fun to see all the pictures from the reunion - what fun ideas everyone had! The family pictures turned out really, really good too!

  2. I love the idea of matching colors. They turned out adorable. What an awesome reunion! Especially like your family photo :)