Thursday, May 15, 2014

Easter weekend

We had a really nice Easter weekend.  Thankfully Jake and I were feeling better (more on that next post) by the end of the week, when the festivities started.  I love that there are so many family oriented activities around us each holiday.

A few wards combined for play group and did a big Easter egg hunt for the kids.  I took 20 eggs earlier in the week (10 for each kid) to my friend and then each kid was allowed to find 10 eggs.  Brooklyn "got it" this year and quickly ran and found her 10.  Jake on the other hand would pick up one, open it, want to eat it, and get mad when I would pull him to find another :)

Reese and Brooklyn

Reese, Lexi, and Brooklyn after they found all their eggs.

The Saturday before Easter, Midwestern does a big Easter egg hunt (divided by age group).  They also have bounce houses, food, Easter crafts, and the Easter bunny comes.  This and Halloween are probably by two favorite holidays that Midwestern puts on for families. 

same thing here...Jake would open each one before moving on to the next.  I liked in his age group they didn't put any candy in their eggs...just little toys.

Brooklyn waiting patiently for her age group to go.

Brooklyn was so excited to see the Easter bunny and gave him a big hug when she sat down.  Jake, NOT a fan!  :)  John was trying to hold him down so I could grab a quick picture, but Jake fought and was outta there!! 

We dyed Easter eggs that night.  The kids loved it!  I love that they are old enough, especially Brooklyn, to get excited about traditions we do and remember them.

I love Jake's face - pure happiness.

The Easter bunny left them new pajamas on their beds (same as last year).

The kids were excited about their baskets and goodies the Easter bunny left them the next morning.  We have 9 o'clock church so it was a rushed morning, but they got to enjoy their stuff more once we got home.

These are the best before church pictures we could get...

My mom sent a little Easter egg hunt for the kids in the mail to do.  John hid them in our backyard and they loved finding them.  It made me laugh that they were disappointed when there was a dollar in the egg instead of I gladly took those :) 

We had friends and the sister missionaries over that night for dinner.  It was perfect weather so we ate in our backyard.  I did the ham, rolls, and deviled only about 1/3 of the meal which was nice! 

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  1. Cute Easter clothes! We didn't make it to see the Easter Bunny this year, just from afar. It is pretty creepy.