Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Jillian and Camilla come to visit

Some of my favorite cousins, Jillian and Camilla, came to visit us last weekend.  It was SO NICE of them to come - both spent money for a plane ticket and gave up their time to do it.  They brought their youngest kids, Emma who is almost 2 and Ella who is 14 months.  Brooklyn loved having these little girls around and called them "sweetie pie" and "cutie" all weekend long.

I wish I had taken more pictures.  They arrived Thursday night.  I picked them up from the airport, we came home and fed the kids, and then John went and picked up Firehouse Subs for dinner.  We stayed up until 2 a.m. that night talking.  We had NO idea it was that late.  When you're having fun, time flies.

Friday we met some of my friends that also have passes at the zoo.  I was able to get Jillian and Camilla in for free because of our passes.  We took our time walking around looking at the animals.  We left before lunch and headed home.  After naps we went on a walk to the park and then picked up Papa Murphys for dinner.  Again, we stayed up late talking (only 11:30 this time).

Saturday we went to the anthem outlets and shopped at Carters and then to the train park.  We took a picnic lunch with us, let the kids play on the playground, and then fed the ducks. 

John came home early from studying and kept our kids while we went out to dinner at my favorite, Oregano's.  It was awesome not to have kids with me and to just sit and enjoy talking and eating dinner.  The food did not disappoint, as always.

the girls had a bath together that night

 Camilla reading the kids books before bed

We stayed up late again talking our last night together.  The weekend flew by and I had so much fun.  Jillian and Camilla are the nicest, most patient people you will ever meet and were so great with my kids.  The listened to Brooklyn yack their ear off the entire time and paid more attention to them than I do in a week!  Seriously, the best cousins ever.  So thankful I have these memories now to add to our countless other memories of growing up together.


  1. Looks like SO much fun. That zoo is seriously the best, nothing beats it. Glad you had fun and took them to all the good spots.

  2. Looks like a really great time. So nice to have visitors and be able to do fun activities with them.

  3. What nice cousins and a fun trip! Sounds like you all had a really good time!

  4. Just tearing up as I read this... I can't believe we were so lucky to come see you! You are far too nice in your description- I learned SO much from you this trip! You are right- many many more memories to come as we grow up. xoxoxoxo