Tuesday, January 20, 2015

January so far

Remmy is at the best age.  She is crawling all over the place and follows us around the house.  I love getting ready in the mornings and seeing her little head bob around the corner.  She always gives me the biggest grin when she sees me.  She has her 2 bottom teeth and starting to grow some hair.  She loves watching her siblings play and even gets in on the action when they let her.

We have been loving our zoo pass that we got for Christmas.  I love being able to go for a couple hours and not feel obligated to stay all day to get our money's worth.  My favorite it the giraffe and I can't not take pictures of them each time.  We have gotten to feed them every time we've been.

The zoo has a pretty cool (and quite big) aquarium too.  This will be nice especially in the summer months when it's really hot outside.

1st tooth poppin' through

Home Depot kids workshop - the kids love this the first Saturday of every month.  They have gotten really good at painting their projects and helping me hammer them together.  This month they made sleds.

park time with our friends Gretta and Reese

I love this view at night while I'm cleaning up dinner.  They have gotten really good at all the different swings, but still trying to figure out the teeter totter - they always get hurt on that.

Jake and his buddy Davidge

Brooklyn and Tayvri - my friend Alison's little girl.  She is 1 month old here..so little!  Brooklyn wore this outfit as a newborn and wanted me to take a picture of them.

I don't remember why she was crying - rare moment for her.

Alison, Mandy, and I took our kids to Disney on Ice (minus Remmy).  The theme was celebrations - birthday, Halloween, Christmas, etc.  It was a lot of fun and the kids did great, Jake especially.  He just sat in awe and watched on the edge of his seat the entire time.

Reese and Brooklyn

Mandy and her cute kids - Jensen and Reese

I held sweet Tayvri for a lot of the show.

John and I were able to go on a date to the temple.  We hadn't been since before Remmy was born and have a goal this year to go every month, hopefully it will happen!  I love that our new temple is open and just 5 minutes from our house!  No excuse not to go now.

sweet, happy girl!

This is my friend Allie holding Rem in Relief Society.  This was picture worthy because Remmy never falls asleep in people's arms!

Brooklyn and Lexi - started a new dance class together.  They both love it and get so excited each week.  It's just 6 weeks long and then there will be a little dance recital at the end.  I'm curious to see what that's like.

I started a play group swap with some girls in my ward for Jake.  There are 6 two year olds and once a week they get together for 1 1/2 hours.  My turn was last week - it was crazy at times, but fun!  I'm trying to be better at finding things just for Jake to do.

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  1. Loved the update. I thought Brooklyn was holding a doll - what a cute little baby. That zoo pass sounds like a blast! Flip flops in January... crazy. I can't believe Remmy has 2 teeth! Avery needs to get going :) Your kids look so big now, I feel like I haven't seen them in person forever!