Tuesday, December 23, 2014

first half of December

I can't believe how fast December has gone this year.  Seriously flew by.  It has been a busy, fun month.  I now can see what my mom meant when she'd say "it is so much work", because it is!  But totally worth it to make it fun for the kids.  I love their ages and that they get it and are excited about traditions we are starting. 

The first Monday in December for FHE we read the story of the nativity and acted it out with our little people set.  The kids like having their own set and makes it nice for me to tell them they can't touch my different nativities.

We also set up our Christmas tree.  John put it together and Brooklyn, Jake, and I put the ornaments on.  

Started the tradition of reading a Christmas book every night.  I wrapped 25 of them and each night they take turns opening it.  It has been one of my favorites this year.

sweet girl played happily on John while he fell asleep.  She was so cute just sitting there.

Remmy had her 6 month check-up and shots.  She is 19 lbs!  Such a chunk and I love it.  I play with her chub all day.  She is so happy and easy going.

not so happy about the shots.

massive tiger at a furniture store we went to.  The kids wanted to buy it, only $399!

I love the bumbo and Remmy sits in it on the kitchen counter and watches me cook dinner every night.  I also hate the bumbo because any time any of my kids have pooped when sitting in it, it is an automatic blow out.  I threw those pants away - not worth it to me to scrub that out.

B and J playing dress up - they usually strip down each night after dinner and get dressed up and then have a dance party.  So cute to watch them play together.

The kids sat on Santa's lap at our ward party.  Brooklyn was really excited and happily went up to him and asked for "all the Disney princesses'.  Jake was more hesitant and wouldn't sit on his lap, but asked for a Captain America mask.  No tears this year!  I'm sure Remmy will have some next year.

Brooklyn and her friend Madison dancing to the music at the ward party.

One of my favorite sights is turning the corner to our house and seeing these two waiting in our front yard for me after a run.  They are excited and all ready to go when they see me.  I take them around the block a couple times for our "run".  

Another Monday night for FHE we decorated gingerbread houses.  I was lazy and bought a pre-made kit at Walmart, then hot glued them together :)  I swear the frosting never holds them together unless you make them way ahead of time and let them sit.

Brooklyn did this all by herself - she took her time and added all the details.

This boy is potty trained!  I am shocked, excited, and so happy!  I was not planning on potty training him yet, but I bought a big Buzz at the Disney store that Jake really wanted.  I told him he could have it when he learned to pee in the potty and wore big boy underwear.  He got his underwear out when we got home and asked to put them on.  And there was no turning back!  He had accidents the first and second day and has been amazing since!  He tells me when he has to go (he always says he has to poop) and runs as fast as he can to the bathroom.  I was dreading potty training a boy, but am shocked at how easy he was and SO proud of him.  He is also trained through the night.  He peed the bed for a week straight every night, but has been dry waking up since for the last week.  He seems so much more grown up to me now and could not look ANY cuter in underwear.  I can't stop pinching his little bum any chance I get.  

Brooklyn loves doing my hair, but is currently on probation after this incident.  She was combing it and told me the comb was stuck.  I tried to get it out and could NOT.  It wouldn't budge.  I asked what she did and she said she had tried to curl it, meaning she wrapped my hair around the comb over and over.  Ugh!!  I went to the bathroom and tried again to get it out and it was completely knotted.  I literally had to rip the it out and a huge chunk of my hair came with it.  Maddening.  

Remmy is crawling (well it's more of a worm) and is getting fast!  John and I left her in the living room the other night to put the older two to bed and came back and couldn't find her, ha ha!  It was a weird feeling...I knew she hadn't just walked away :)  We finally found her in the bathroom corner by the garbage can.  I can tell she is going to be a busy one trying to keep up with her siblings.

These two love puzzles, especially Jake.  I love when they aren't fighting and work together to put them together.

My friend Morgan had the cutest idea to have a Christmas movie night for a few families.  We went in our pajamas and her front room was covered with blankets and pillows for us to watch a Christmas movie on.  She also made popcorn and treats for everyone.  It was so fun and all the kids looked so cute.

I got our family picture printed at Costco and have put up half of them so far like this.  It turned out really cute I thought.  They look like they're on canvas, but it's actually really cheaply made.  I made 11x11 squares out of styrofoam and glue-dotted the pictures on.  The pictures as a family and group of the kids will go in our other living room.  

 Jensen, Parker, Brooklyn, Madden, Reese, Jake, and Hendrix
Mesa Temple lights with friends - we met at Cafe Rio first and then went and saw the lights.  Brooklyn fell asleep on the way and woke up super grumpy, so that was fun.  Jake was upset I wouldn't carry him and Remmy had a bad diaper rash.  So we literally lasted for 15 minutes at the temple before John and I looked at each other with a "we need to leave" look.  But we still got a few cute pictures before we left.  

 I'm in a coat and flip flops - that is Arizona for you.

Our ward's playgroup one week was Christmas sugar cookie decorating at the park.  I made all the frosting and the kids had fun.  I love this time of year in Arizona.  

Jake earned his Buzz!  I also let him pick out underwear and he chose the spider-man pack.  John showed him how to stand up the other night and I literally could have died with how cute it was - in the non creepiest way possible :)   

I thought this was funny.  We were eating dinner and Brooklyn said "Mom, look!  Jasmine's shoe."  It was her garlic bread and I thought it looked like it too.


  1. What a great post! You have the cutest kids! I'm sorry about the chunk of hair you lost - ouch! Too bad it feels so good to have it combed that I'm sure you'll be willing to risk it again and have her comb it again soon! Love you so much

  2. Loved your long update. Looks like a fun month. Love your traditions. My sister does the 25 wrapped books I think its cute and then you can make sure to read each on every night. Your hair!!! Ouch. I would have been so mad to ha ha. Good job Jake on being potty trained. That is great!! I love the undies when they stop with diapers. It is so nice and their bum is so little. Cute family photos to!