Thursday, September 4, 2014

Remmy's blessing

Remmy was blessed in the same dress as Brooklyn (and cousin Hailey too).  It is simple and I love it.  We took a few pictures outside before the meeting started, thankfully because it was already starting to get hot. 
Remmy with her Grandma's

John gave Remmy a wonderful blessing.  It was short and sweet.  I had my friend write down what she could for me:

Remmy we give you a blessing to follow your Heavenly Father and to be like your Savior Jesus Christ.
We bless you to have a great sense of humor.  (this made me smile)
We bless you to gain a special relationship with your mother and siblings.
We bless you to find a man to get married in the temple.
We bless you to be an example to all those you come in contact with.

After sacrament meeting we had close friends and my cousin Camille and Vinnie over to our house for brunch.  It was too hot to be outside in our backyard and I was worried it would be too crowded, but it worked out.  It was so fun to have my parents there for the blessing, the first of my children they have seen be blessed.


  1. What a beautiful weekend/blessing! Miss you guys. Lucy asked me the other day is we could take a plane to visit Brooklyn. Some day soon I hope!