Monday, April 1, 2013

Jake's surgery

 Be ready for picture overload...
when you have the cutest little patient's hard not to take so many pictures!

Jake had surgery on Tuesday, March 26th.  One of his testicles had not descended yet and so they did surgery to bring it down (I think this is pretty common).  The ultra-sound showed the testicle in his stomach, but it ended up being in the canal...making for an easier, less complicated surgery.  

It was an early morning...we had to leave our apartment at 5 am to be at the hospital at 6 to check in.  I'm glad they did it so early though because Jake had to go in fasting and I was worried how long he'd stay happy without being fed - luckily he did fine.

look at the rolls on those legs....YUM!

We waited to be called back...then they measured and weighed him and I changed him in his little hospital gown....he looked SO CUTE :)  

so curious what the nurse was doing

We waited in a room for awhile....nurses and doctors came in to answer questions and tell me what I should expect, etc.  They brought toys in for Jake to play with and he was content. 

The hardest part was having the nurse take him away from me, back to the operating room....I didn't cry (I was proud of myself) but told her to be extra careful with him :)  My friend Alison came with me because Tuesday's are John's test days and he can't miss it.  It was so nice to have someone there with me to keep me company during the surgery.  We went to the cafeteria and had breakfast and they were done when we got back (it took 1 1/2 hours rather than the 3 they thought it would).  I was so anxious to see and hold him.  They took us back to him when he was waking up...he was crying and really sad....but as soon as I held him he snuggled up to me and drank the fluid they gave him in a bottle.  He was pretty confused and a little agitated, but soon calmed down and we were ready to leave.  He slept a lot that day...but has done GREAT overall...and back to his busy/happy self!


My brother Mike is the best and flew down just to watch Brooklyn for us.  He got in Monday night and left Wednesday morning...even though it was short, we had a great time!  We went to the outlet mall Tuesday afternoon and shopped a little, then met Aunt Pat and cousins (John, Areli, Olivia, Lucas, Mike, Camille, Vinnie, Dana) at a yummy BBQ restaurant.  It was so fun being together...I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. 


  1. Such a smiley boy! Glad things went well!

  2. I can't believe how big he is! Little blonde haired blue eyed baby boy! Miss you all! Glad he is doing much better! :)

  3. He is the cutest patient ever! I'm so glad it's over and that it went so well! Thank goodness for modern medicine - our family needed it a lot that week :) Love you guys!

  4. Cutest patient for sure! Glad you had someone there with you. I am glad it went so great and fast. And that was a blast to meet up later. "Good Lord!" Hahaha!!