Friday, February 8, 2013

recent projects

I've had fun the last few weeks working on some projects...I thought I'd share.

My friend Kayla is having a little boy any day now.  She had a shower the beginning of February and I gave her this quilt....I love how it turned out.

She asked me if I'd help her make a car seat canopy for her baby too.  I had never made one before but was excited about trying....this is how it turned out...
 She picked such cute fabric and it was so easy to make. 
I'm glad I know how to make these now.

And these are a few recent decorations I have made...
LOVE letters and the block says "is all you need"

This is a wooden board that I painted and put vinyl letters on...and the heart is attached with bakers twine.  I know it's cheesy, but I still like it.  My brother Mike makes fun of me when I make things like this and tells me he hopes he marries a girl that makes a lot of crap like I do...ha ha..cracks me up!

A menu board.  I had started a different one awhile back and never finished it.  It was turning into being too complicated, so I started over and kept it simple this time.

 A family birthday board....I have seen these before and thought there were cute.  And an easy way to remember everyone in your family's birthday.  I haven't finished it yet, just need to add everyone's name to a circle (or heart for anniversary) and hang it up. 


  1. ok when do you have the time!!!!! these are all amazing.

  2. holy cow when do you have time for all this craftiness??? you amaze me. I love the birthday board...that is so clever! :) xoxo

  3. Oh Becky, the lady with a million talents!!! How do you do it all?? Amazing! So, Carmyn is super attached to the red minky you made for her--- and I think I need some directions from you on how to make these beautiful things. he one pictured above is also GORGEOUS! Thanks for inspiring me! Hope you guys are doing well-- we sure miss you!

  4. Super cute! I really like the menu board and I've been wanting to make a car-seat cover I capable? I can barely sew!!! Maybe I could pay you to make me one:)

  5. So cute Becky! That quilt is soooo cute! I love the car seat cover too...I may have to have you do one for me :) I'll pay you labor costs too.

  6. Loving all of your crafts! So cute. I am glad you finally did the menu board- sad they never turned out how we wanted them to ha ha. Your quilts are always amazing!

  7. Hello crafty lady!?! Dang girl. I'm impressed. And that you made a whole quilt and a car seat cover?! Nice work girl!!