Wednesday, November 5, 2014

MWU trick-or-treating

These two were cuddling and giggling on the couch together, watching a show.  It was the cutest thing.  They sat like this for half an hour.  I think they love each other.

The year for Halloween, Brooklyn was Alice in Wonderland (or Alison Wonderland as she called herself), Jake was the mad hatter, and Remmy the rabbit.  I borrowed the costumes from Jeannette.  Brooklyn fit perfect.  Jake's and Remmy's were big, but we made them work.

Brooklyn - 3 1/2

Jake - 2 1/2

Remmy - 5 months

I tried to get a group shot but it wasn't very successful

Our first Halloween activity was trick-or-treating at Dad's school, one of my favorite.  Midwestern does a great job of having fun, family oriented activities during the holidays.  We met up with friends  and the kids went to the different buildings trick-or-treating.  They had bounce houses to play on outside, along with food and games.

My favorite was Jake - every time he would pick a candy he would show it to the person giving it to him and ask "ok?"  He had to double check each time that it was okay he took it :)

family picture outside after trick-or-treating

We tried to get a big picture of all the kids but that didn't happen.  I wish we had a video camera of all of us trying to get our kids to be happy and cooperative.  You can tell that Brooklyn is in tears.  I told her to smile or I would throw away all her candy...ha ha, oops!  I obviously just made it worse.  She was so tired.  Jake just stood there saying "cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese."

love these three

makes me laugh every time.

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