Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!!

John and I had a 'low-key' Valentines this year.  I was busy with bridals on Saturday and we decided to forego dinner alone that night and spent it with his sister Heather's family, to celebrate Chinese New Year.  John's bro-in-law Curtis made some AWESOME Chinese food - soooo good!

We exchanged gifts Sunday afternoon after church.  I made a "love box" (thanks to Kelsi for the idea!) for John and think it turned out really cute.  Inside was '100 Things I Love About John' and some candy.  It was fun and so easy to come up with so many things I love about him. 

John gave me flowers (earlier in the week), my very favorite, and made me a picture of us from his computer and framed it.  He also got me candy and a valentines bear.   

We spent Sunday night at my cousin Camilla's wedding shower. She and her fiance Taylor are getting married two weeks before John and I.


Thess pictures of Hannah crack me up!  She likes to have her finger in her nose lately :)


  1. The box turned adorable. LOVE IT. Sounds like a nice valentines day. Love the picture in the frame :)

  2. Hillarious pictures of Hannah. I liked how your box turned out. This year for Paul's Valentine's Day he got, doctor visits, amoxocillin and lots of fun, fun strep throat.

  3. Your hair looks good. Mike got a raffle ticket for Valentine's Day. It's what he wanted though.

  4. Your love box was SO cute! So creative :) it looks darling. Maybe I'll steal that idea and do that for Breton one day...except it might take me a little longer to come up with 100 things I love... ;)